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Soul Counseling

27 September, 2021
27 September, 2021
25000 INR
Healer Neelu
About Soul Counseling Event

Have a challenge, try our 4 weeks of Soul Counseling Program.

4 sessions - 1 session a week of 60 minutes

Soul Counseling works on several levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is based on the premise that all our emotions, memories, traumas, events of the past are stored in the sub conscious. Hence what is causing our current  challenge we may not even know.

In the program, across 4 weeks, every week 1 session of 60 minutes with our healer Neelu where she will help you understand and give a perspective to where your challenge is coming from, help you align to your true self, balance your energies and start your journey of healing to seek joy and peace. Find the key to your Life through these sessions.

These sessions will flow based on the client energy and the inutitive energy of the healer.

A Soul changing program, Schedule your Sessions Now


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