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Light Healing Frequency - Clearing Karmas

2:00 pm
5:00 pm
6900 INR
Healer Vidya Kaval
About Light Healing Frequency - Clearing Karmas Event

Brought to Vidya  by the Star Councils of Pleiades, Arcturius, Sirius & Orion, a bouquet of frequencies to remove blocks and clear your path for Ascension. Post attunement, you can use it to heal your loved ones and others. It is taught by Attunements only.

In this workshop of Light Healing Frequencies: Healing Karmas, empower yourself for self healing and healing others. It helps in redeeming your karmas. If you are seeing a pattern in your Life whether it is regarding your health, relationship, money or career, then the LHF of Clearing Karmas will help you shift that and throw Light in the situations.

In this workshop, you will learn and get attuned to the energies of,

Cleansing: helps to dislodge all the stored emotions and feelings, brings them up so that you gain wisdom from them

Self Love: helps remove all the self sabotaging beliefs, identify and acknowledge them

Self Forgiveness: helps look at self with more compassion

Self love has always been misinterpreted by most people and it is time for us to understand how precious we are.

Karmas are our action of the past or present that we need to ponder upon and redeem wisely to ease our Soul Path

What previous participants have to say,

"Light Healing Frequencies work at the speed of Light, like magic! Channeled by Vidya Kaval, the Light Healing Frequencies are a set of tools that you can use to work with your life in 3D, and then use to raise your vibration towards 5D. My teacher Vidya explained each of the frequencies, how to use them, and then attuned us with these magical energies.

I believe that the Star Council are excited to raise our vibe. This excitement shows when Vidya teaches and patiently answers all our questions. Thank you immensely Vidya and the Star Council for lighting up our lives. Thank you,"

"Light Healing Frequencies are blessings of my Master's to me, it's Awesome ( By my teacher, friend, Guru and my Mentor Vidhya ji ) . Miracle happened in my life and in few months every thing change. These frequencies gives me new birth. Introduce myself to me. My life totally changed and love, peace and happiness comes in my family life. My relationship become lovable with everyone. It's raises my vibration.  Vidya ji, you are Divine blessing in my life.
Thanks for this Divine Frequencies and connecting me to Star council of light. Lots of love and blessings to you and to my whole group. Because we all are connected with each other with these frequencies
Love you all"




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