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Graphotherapy Session

2500 INR
Healer Meenakshi Srinath
About Graphotherapy Session Event

Graphotherapy is the science and art of changing our personality traits by changing certain aspects of our handwriting.

Our handwriting, the way we write certain letters or the entire text in general, can enforce our bad habits or traits which are not working for us, or we can change that particular aspect and modify our traits.

Graphotherapy can help in medical ailments, behavior, habits, personality, relationships, career prospects and many other areas.

If you wish to understand your personality and habits better, and get solutions on how to change certain parts of you which are not working, (relationships, professional, finance, health, spiritual) book your slot for a Graphotherapy Session. You will be required to submit a sample of your handwriting a few days prior to the session

Meenakshi Srinath is an experienced healer who works intuitively with her clients

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