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Aura Cleansing

699 INR
10 USD
Healer Dr Kirti Kanodia
About Aura Cleansing Event

Aura is an unseen spiritual energy field that surrounds all living things. Not everyone can see them but most of them can feel it. When we meet someone and immediately like them or want to walk away, it is aura at work. Aura consists of many layers and each layer represents a different aspect of us.

Depending on what we are feeling, thinking and behaving, our energy field changes and so does the colour our aura emits.

In this powerful Aura cleansing meditation, release emotions, thoughts, people, chords, oaths, vows, curses, past lives, soul fragmentations and many other things that we have collected in our energy field.

Listen to this 45 minute meditation which will help you to release the unwanted energies, balance the energies and cleanse your aura.

*Note you will have access to this meditation for 1 month post the purchase as it is advisable not to repeat the meditation regularly and over a long epriod of time.



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