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Affirming Love Harmony

1 June, 2024
11 June, 2024
99 INR
Healer Daisy
About Affirming Love Harmony Event

Affirming Love Harmony is an 11-day affirmations program designed to cultivate love and harmony in your life, fostering deeper connections with yourself and others. The program enhances personal well-being and radiates positivity to the world around you.

In this program, you are guided to write your own personalized affirmations, making the experience more impactful and tailored to your unique journey. This personalized approach profoundly impacts your psyche, opening doors to self-betterment and personal growth.

Who Should Attend:

* Individuals seeking to improve their self-love and acceptance.
* Anyone experiencing stress or anxiety looking for a mental shift.
* Those wanting to enhance empathy, communication, and emotional resilience in relationships.
* People interested in fostering a peaceful and harmonious environment around them.


* Rewires the brain to embrace positivity.
* Fosters a sense of self-love and acceptance.
* Reduces stress and anxiety by replacing negative thoughts with uplifting beliefs.
* Enhances empathy, communication, and emotional resilience in relationships.
* Creates a profound sense of peace and connection within oneself and with others.
* Generates a ripple effect of love and harmony in the wider community.

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