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Stress stems not only from poor lifestyle choices, but are also symptomatic of a stressful work environment – increase pressures of deadlines, team disharmony, project overload and work disengagement. 

Employees suffering from high stress levels have lower engagement, are less productive and have higher absenteeism levels. It is imperative to ensure the mental and emotional welfare of employees.

“It is a burning issue in corporate India that everyone has to address. Our entire society creates stress, right from childhood exam results to making a career. Organisations must understand that there is this serious factor called stress and proactively deal with it,” said Harsh Mariwala, chairman of Marico. 

Corporates who are investing in wellness for their employees have been able to reap rewards. 9 new age tools being adopted for employee wellness are – Meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Silva Mind Control Method, Emotional Freedom Technique, Access Consciousness, Law of attraction, Energy healing, Angel healing, Power of stories.

Check these 9 New Age Tools that are being embraced by corporate world wide. 

At healclinic, having a team of practitioners across different modalities and areas, proficient in different languages and belonging to different locations and exposure (local, national, international), it is easy for us to understand the employee requirements and customise a holistic wellness workshop which can go a long way in helping the employees. We work more as your wellness partners in your journey to making your employees happy and lead a balanced life.

What are you waiting for, give us a call at +91 8050003237 or write in to us at consult@healclinic.in to start the partnership.

Share your stories of how you deal with stress or what is your company doing for stress management in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

When exams are around the corner, children and parents both come under stress. Exhaustive study requirements, improper planning and pressure from parents cause physical and mental problems in children. One should make a timetable and plan the study pattern. Parents should encourage the child and plan for a healthy diet and lifestyle to prevent the stress.

Dos for physical and mental health

Using food made up of whole grains at home with lots of fruits and vegetables is highly recommended. During the exams, stress will be high and a lack of exercise may lead to improper weight gain. The above pattern will help in maintaining health.

According to Ayurveda consumption of ghee with food will help in the nourishment of brain. Dry fruits like almond and walnut etc can be consumed as snacks which will help lubricate the body naturally.

To keep the child hydrated, parents should give fresh fruit juice, green tea, tender coconut, sugarcane juice as well as churned and butter extracted buttermilk. Ayurveda says that the buttermilk helps in digestion and controls excessive heat.

To keep the mind relaxed and to improve concentration, parents should be supportive and they should be relaxed in front of the child.

In between the studies, students should take small breaks of ten minutes or so and involve themselves with some other activities like listening to soothing music, reading something entertaining, dancing or indulging in any other hobbies they have. This activity makes the mind relax and improves concentration.

During evening playing shuttle badminton or some outdoor game will help in staying fit, physically and mentally. The entire family can involve themselves in indoor games like chess, monopoly etc.  to build a congenial atmosphere.

Waking up early in the morning can also help in improving the concentration. Ayurveda highly recommends studying during the Brahmi Muhurta during which, the mind is fresh and can absorb the knowledge imparted quickly.

To get good sleep, one can undergo head and body massage once a week and only head massage and bath at least twice a week. Abhyanga or massages can improve both physical and mental health according to Ayurveda.

Don’ts for physical and health

One should reduce junk food, outside foods and deep fried items. Due to stress during exam, the metabolism (digestion and absorption) will not be proper. These foods will lead to indigestion or obesity.

One should not consume soft drinks, carbonated drinks and tea or coffee in excessive quantity.

Putting pressure on the child or always talking about the studies will increase the stress on the child.

Studying for exams should not disturb the sleep; erratic sleep pattern will affect the health. Sitting idle in one place for long duration is not advisable.

These are the few simple tips to follow during exam times. These will help to maintain both physical and mental health as well as keep the child relaxed during the study holidays.

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Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-kee’) is commonly perceived to be a form of spiritual healing. How does a certified Reiki healer help students, lets understand this better? What does exam healing mean?

When exams are around the corner or during the exams, parents are hyperventilating as their kids either don’t show any interest in the studies, have poor sitting capacity, can’t concentrate, if they sit for studies they are not able to devote the time and if they pick the books they just fall asleep.

A Reiki infinite healer can help such students. There are several chakras which cause specific issues that a student goes through, while in stress there are many symptoms. Reiki master healer helps in attacking these issues helping the students to perform to his / her best capacity.

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Certain chakras which are worked on are –

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Reiki healers can provide energy to the entire examination hall to reduce disturbances during writing exams.

Reiki can be given to all the instruments which are used for writing the exam – pen, pencil, calculator. Reiki before the exam helps in eliminating panic situations.

RegRegular pep up reiki is necessary especially for students at adolescent stage, the silent confidence and consistent energy boost gives the confidence and inner peace. Certified Reiki healers also offer personalized reiki for students as energy levels needed for each body is different.

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“About 3 months ago, I was feeling quite low. Things were not that great on the work front. Due to the constant worry about my career, I had niggling doubts about my capabilities and my self-belief. This led to a further downward spiral in my overall view of life. I was harbouring a pessimistic and gloomy world view and treated my colleagues and friends with skepticism. This pessimism also crept into my personal life and eroded my interactions with my family. I became irritable and frequently snapped at my wife and children. All this culminated into my deciding to finally seek professional help.

I got in touch with my friend Deepti who I knew had set up Healclinic and tarot card reading was one of the services. . She guided me to meet a tarot reader who is  registered with them  as a tarot reader. Initially I had some misgivings since I have had a slightly skeptical view of such esoteric tarot cards healing methods. Nevertheless, I decided to try it out, given that I had nothing to lose.

I was apprehensive since this was my first encounter with such a tarot card reader. However, the tarot reader welcomed me with a warm smile which put me at ease. The atmosphere within the room was very peaceful and the feeling of wellbeing was heightened by the soft chanting of slokas that was being played in the background.

She sensed my diffidence and reassured me that everything would be fine. She began the tarot reading session by sharing a personal example of how she had found a small flowering plant outside her house and had tended to the same, even when everyone else said that it would not flower. However, she persisted and visualised the plant as blooming, even when it was not. Sure enough, after a while the plant started blooming and this she quoted as a good example of how visualisation and positive vibes affect everything around us. We could use the same to enrich our lives and also those of our families and friends.

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As the tarot reading session progressed, she explained what tarot reading was about and that I should be open and share my thoughts in a spontaneous manner to derive the full benefits of the exercise. Gradually I began to loosen up and discovered that it was more a process of self-realisation that she was leading me to. Anjana made a few comments that startled me with their prescience and I realised that she did possess some intuitive power that made my thoughts accessible to her. This gave way to my feeling more at ease and confident to answer her questions about various issues that were troubling me and I started connecting with her.

The entire tarot reading session lasted about an hour and at the end of the session, I felt light-hearted and assured that my way ahead was clearer now than before. I had sought some answers from her and she had astutely managed to elicit the answers from myself! This I think is a great knack that all healers, medical or spiritual, need to have. I came away from the tarot reading session in a much more confident, relaxed and positive frame of mind and resolved to put the suggestions of hers to practice.

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Overall, I feel the session helped me to gain my confidence and cast away the self-doubt and pessimism that was pervading my intellect. I would strongly encourage readers who have similar issues to reach out to Anjana and heal clinic tarot reading centers for a very positive and encouraging experience.” – As told by a client

He put in the effort to get his mojo and direction, what are you struggling with? We offer online tarot and astrological readings.

Stress is a normal part of our lives. However, exposure  for longer periods of time can have negative effects on our health. Long working hours, family obligations, financial issues etc can all lead to a high level of stress in our lives, which  eventually creates imbalances in our emotional, mental, and physical health. Therefore, it is essential to manage stress effectively to reduce its negative effect. This can be done through regularly exercising, yoga or techniques such as reiki for stress reduction. Let’s see how one of our patients has used reiki for stress relief.

In this big competitive world we live in, life has become so fast paced and cut throat that we hardly have the time to relax especially in the case of women. Take the example of Seema, a well educated mother of two with a doting high powered executive husband. It looks like she is living the dream life but Seema is highly stressed and often suffers from anxiety attacks.

Seema was a career focused woman before her marriage but post two kids  she took a break from her career and concentrated on her family. Seema believed that this was a right decision, but internally she was devastated. Seema had been a sensitive child who had grown up to be a sensitive adult, she felt worthless and a burden after meeting some of her colleagues who were successfully climbing the corporate ladder. She started suffering from low self-esteem and a feeling of inadequacy.
Her current life vis-a-vis previous life was on her mind constantly. The more she thought about it the more stressed out she became. She soon started suffering from difficulty in breathing, muscle contraction, and excessive sweating. These were all signs of panic attacks due to extreme stress. When adrenaline glands go into fight mode they release stress hormones which gives us extra energy to deal with or run away from a stressful situation. Imagine this happening on a regular basis, our adrenaline gland gets overworked, our system feels the pressure and fatigue sets in. This results in panic attacks and sometimes manifests itself into physical pain. This too happened with Seema; she started experiencing excruciating back pain. When a battery of tests failed to diagnose it, a family friend recommended Reiki healing for stress relief.

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So, how does Reiki stress relief help in such a situation? Reiki is an energy healing technique which helps relieve any negative energies or blocks from our bodies and restores the body balance through energy centers or chakras. Reiki for stress, using natural processes, restores balance in flow of energy through our bodies by removing all blocks and residue thereby facilitating our bodies and minds to relax and heal. Stress makes our bodies go rigid and stiff but after undergoing a session of Reiki our cells, muscles, tissues, nerve endings all relax completely and get recharged. Some have also described it as stress being removed like steam from their bodies and could feel their entire body relax and energy flows through their bodies like a river. In other words, stress is the unwanted baggage that is stored in our body making it stiff. Practicing Reiki tosses out the baggage and our body is lighter. This is the reason clients start seeing results with just one session of Reiki for stress and anxiety.

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After a few months of regular Reiki sessions for stress, Seema is a whole new person. She is more relaxed and stress free. The insecurities and low self esteem are a thing of the past. According to Seema, being stress free has also helped her banish negative thoughts from her head. She credits her new happy self to Reiki for stress.

Stress disconnects us from our true self and self love. Reiki stress relief releases the debris from our chakras and helps us find our true self and thereby realize the destructive pattern we are holding on to. It helps us release the destruction and teaches us self love. Reiki and stress are the opposite of one another; when we practice Reiki, stress disappears. They cannot co-exist together. So, choose Reiki and enjoy a stress free and relaxed life.

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Stressed out and don’t know why? Want to lead a calm and peaceful life, connect with our counselors.

Achieving a state of calm requires nothing special, complicated or expensive. Just breathe and feel all stress and anxiety melt away. From this natural state of calm and balance, the answers to your problems will become clear.

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A simple technique: Breath Meditation which you can practice anywhere anytime.

Rate how you feel now on a scale of 1-10 (‘1′: awful, ’10’: raring to go). Remember, the transformation of stress to relaxation starts with 2 simple words:

Stop resisting! Stop resisting what is, who you are, what others do, how life is right now. Stop putting all your energies into wishing and wanting things to be different — to be as you want them to be. Stop running images in your head of how others “should” behave, what your life “should” look like, how much happier you think you would be if everything were your brand of “perfect”.

Just stop… and breathe. Breathe deep and full. Breathe and fill your lungs. Breathe and fill your abdomen. Breathe from your toes. Breathe into the middle of your forehead. Breathe into every cell of your being. Allow your body to breathe… in and out… in and out… in and out.

Isn’t breathing such a wonderful activity? It’s automatic and yet lends itself to a certain measure of control. Its gentle rhythm soothes an agitated mind. Its depth connects the soul with the cosmic flow of energy. With its ebb and flow, it reminds us of the Universal cycles that play out in our lives — cycles of winter and spring, rest and action, giving and receiving.

Notice the several connections that breath communicates to you. Allow it to draw your attention to the knowledge and wisdom it wishes to impart to you. What does it want you to know in this moment? Draw this knowledge into your being and let it spread throughout your body.

As you go deeper, become aware of the stillness between breaths — between an in-breath and an out-breath, between an out-breath and an in-breath… Relax into this stillness. Allow it to gently embrace you. What does this stillness mean to you? What is this stillness communicating to you? Who are you in this stillness?

From this new awareness that flows from your breath and from the stillness, what do you now understand about your life? What more is possible for you in this moment that you now choose? From this moment forward, who do you now choose to be?

How do you feel now? Where are you now on the scale of 1-10?  Use this meditation on your breath anywhere, anytime — on a commute, in a queue, in the bathroom :).

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Share your experience with this breath meditation, we would love to hear from you.

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In the month of February a harried mother contacted us, it was regarding her  daughter who was to give her 10th exams in the next few weeks. In her words, “She has lost the interest to study, keeps getting distracted which leads to anger and frustration from both ends.”

We recommended Reiki healing (typically for exams we recommend a 3 month plan, two months before exams and a month of during exams). Reiki energy helps to align and enhance our mental health, as well as physical and emotional. Thus, reiki for exams helps the students during the stressed out exam period with a positive attitude, enhanced concentration, and an ability to sit for a longer time to study. Every student has a different style of studying, and reiki energy helps accentuate and align the student to their specific style.

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Post session with Reiki master, the daughter recounted how the past two months went by for her,

“My 10th grade boards recently got over. A couple of weeks back, i was busy stressing about my exams, not able to concentrate, not able to eat anything. That was when my mom suggested reiki healing for exams. I had no idea what it was and was unwilling to try something so new. Soon, I caught onto the idea and asked my mom to move forward with the healing. After all, with whatever research I did, there was no harm in reiki healing (if taken from a certified reiki practitioner). At first, I didn’t feel any change and thought it wasn’t helping me at all. But gradually I started realising that I had stopped shouting at my family, I had stopped taking out my exam stress and crankiness on them. I had begun to feel lighter and definitely happier. I managed to stay up every night and wake up early without being as sleep deprived as I usually would be.

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My appetite, which had noticeably decreased, returned to its previous level. These are the changes I felt I had benefited from. My family added on some points, saying that I had a rosy glow to my skin which had dulled in the past few weeks. Of course, the healing didn’t change the fact that I had to study and work hard to do well in my exams but it made the process much easier for me. I’m really glad that I decided to opt for Reiki healing as it really aided me during this period of turmoil. This experience of energy based healing has also opened me up to different types of therapies that I hope to try in the future. ”

Have an important event coming up and need help to relax or ensure that you get the desired results, get a customised reiki healing plan. 

A client who had taken reiki healing for his daughter's board exam stress, writes this of his experience,

” When my daughter was in 10th grade, by Dec my wife and I realised that her focus was not her studies,  she was extremely distracted by social media and her friends. She is an intelligent girl, but I think she became a little overconfident of her studies,  and decided that she did not work too much for her exams. With 3 months to go for her exams, we got worried and also realised that somewhere she was under exam stress. I read this article on how reiki energy healing helps students during exams, so I approached healclinic whom I found on facebook. Honestly I was not too sure, but after speaking to their counselor, I felt quite confident that they can help. They created a 3 month reiki healing plan for my daughter which covered her study period and her exams period. .

She was given a distant Reiki healing session and my daughter or any of us did not have to sit in one place when Reiki was given. The healer would give her a reiki healing session daily and we were constantly in touch with the healer through whatsapp. Over the next few weeks we found my daughter's focus and discipline coming back. She became  relaxed about her exam stress. I am still not sure how reiki healing worked, but those 3 months she studied, and the best part of the healing was that any other issues that my daughter had whether not feeling well, or being disturbed by some emotion was taken care of.

Based on my experience, I went back to healclinic in her 11th and 12th grades too and was not disappointed. I am extremely happy with the results, and recently I myself got attuned to reiki level 1 and 2 through healclinic. The reason I like healclinic was that they have healers who do different healing and depending on what I needed they created the plan accordingly.”

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A recent study by WHO found that more than 75% of Indians under the age of 40 suffer from stress-related illnesses. They stem not only from poor lifestyle choices, but are also symptomatic of a stressful work environment. Increasing pressures of tight deadlines, team disharmony, project overload and work disengagement are just some of the daily challenges that characterize the modern workplace.

Employees suffering from high stress levels have lower engagement, are less productive and have higher absenteeism levels. It is imperative with such an epidemic to ensure the mental and emotional welfare of employees.

Truly enlightened businesses put holistic employee welfare first. They seek to address workplace tension head-on, creating a culture of harmony, engagement and creativity. This is the bedrock of all highly productive trailblazing companies. Companies such as Apple, Google, McKinsey etc., craft programs that embrace holistic well-being for their employees.

McKinsey partner and meditation aficionado Michael Rennie says, “What’s good for the spirit is good for the bottom line.”

Our practitioner Upasana takes you through some of the techniques that are being used by corporate to empower their employees

What are they including in their corporate wellness programs? Embracing these 9 phenomenally powerful ‘New Age’ methods and training:

1. Meditation: The simplest and most transformative tool is a 15-minute meditation. From the United States Marines to high-performing companies such as Google and General Mills, the benefits of workplace meditation are universally praised. It helps reduce hypertension, increase clarity and improve interpersonal communication. Passive meditation calms the nervous system and brain, overcoming anxiety and stress. Active and mindful meditation brings the goal into focus, increasing positivity and creativity. Group meditations are especially powerful. The ‘Maharishi Effect’ is proof of its transformative power. They generate waves of vibrational flow that rapidly improvebiology, collective culture and creativity.

2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): NLP provides practical tools to gain clarity on goals as well asstrategies to achieve them easily and creatively. NLP uses 2 powerful forces that determine the very fabric of our lives — neural patterns in the brain, and language cues across all modes of communication. Through “trance” communication and imagination, the subconscious mind is focused on the desired results. NLP skills are especially highly valued in marketing, sales, client management and leadership development. The tools of NLP have helped countless people, from overcoming fears to improving strategic skills to devising market-disruptive technologies. In the words of Tony Robbins, “the only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”

3. Silva Mind Control Method: The Silva Method goes beyond the subconscious mind to activate and harness the power of higher brain functions. This method leads the brain into alpha and theta states that open up access to higher wisdom.Further techniques dramatically increase one’s intuition, focus and extra sensory abilities. And then goes a step further giving you the power to heal your body and manifest your vision. At the core of manifesting is your intent. When that intent is focused, extraordinary things can happen. Successful authors such as Jack Canfield and Richard Bach have experienced phenomenal breakthroughs in their writing using the Silva Method.

4. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping): How many times have you let fear stop you from doing something you love? Beliefs that you are incapable or people will criticise you can sabotage your efforts and happiness. EFT is a simple yet effective tool. Lightly tapping on specific acupressure points on the body immediately begin to helps release negative beliefs and past traumas from a cellular level. And when paired with affirmations, this process becomes extremely powerful. Recently, one of my clients who was visiting a prospective customer, tapped out her worries on the way to a meeting. When she sat for the meeting, she was so calm and confident with the customer that she was able to get the business.

5. Access Consciousness: With Access Consciousness, we foray into the world of ‘energy work’. Every thought, emotion and belief has a vibration. Even desired results such as revenue, customers, smooth operations have a vibration of their own. Access Consciousness primarily uses questions and statements that bring up these energies to have a profound cleansing. Through the ‘power of the question’, it further attracts the vibration of the desired results. One of my friends had a particularly difficult co-worker. Every time she had to interact with the colleague, she mentally used the simplest question-tool, “How does it get better than this?” Within two weeks, their team work had improved to such an extent that they were able to complete their project ahead of schedule.

6. Law of Attraction: Many books and articles have been written in recent years on the Law of Attraction. The most popular of course is ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. Through emotion-based visualisation, you raise your energy to vibrate at the frequency of what you want. But how this applies to an organisation is even more spectacular. Every corporation vibrates at a certain frequency. This attracts certain types of customers, employees and keeps it at a certain operational level. Many times, despite new strategies and action plans, the business does not grow. When employees come together and channel the law of attraction, the entire frequency of the business changes. With higher energies, come the right opportunities, cohesive operations and rapid business growth.

7. Energy HealingReikiPranic Healing, Theta Healing etc., may not be new concepts to you. Receiving energy healing is a relaxing and uplifting experience. When medication or therapy is supplemented with energy work, people have experienced faster and deeper healing. Recipients enjoy holistic well-being at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The basic foundation to all energy work is that everything is naturally biased towards growth, well-being and expansion. The healer and healee simply facilitate this process. The body returns to health. The mind returns to stability. The heart returns to joy. Is there anything better than happy employees?

Angel Healing: What would your life and business be like if you have a team of angels managing everything? We all have Guides, Angels and Mentors in the subtle dimension. They’re waiting to help us and seek ways to communicate their happy presence to us. All we need do is ask for their help. With their higher wisdom and ability to assist in manifestation, they are a formidable team working on our side. Recently, I asked my team of “business development” angels to help me connect with the best client for me. A few days later I suddenly got the impulse to attend an informal meet-up. With the utmost ease and grace I was able to meet and sign on a client who was also attending the same event.

9. Power of Stories: Stories spark emotion. They are great healing tools that help us make sense of the world we live in. They inspire hope and passion, igniting us into creative action. Stories speak directly to the subconscious or what in academic circles is called the ‘psyche’. Jungian psychology explores the various archetypes and symbols that pervade every individual’s psyche. The right story can help us articulate how we feel and find creative solutions to challenges. Various agencies, from corporations to the military to prisons use the power of stories and storytelling. They are a powerful tool to initiate change.

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“It is a burning issue in corporate India that everyone has to address. Our entire society creates stress, right from childhood exam results to making a career. Organisations must understand that there is this serious factor called stress and proactively deal with it,” said Harsh Mariwala, chairman of Marico. 

A study found that 43% of corporate employees with skewed BMI (body mass index), of which 30% with diabetic risk, 30% with hypertension risk and 46% high on stress.  

Corporates who are investing in wellness for their employees have been able to reap rewards. 9 new age tools being adopted for employee wellness are – Meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Silva Mind Control Method, Emotional Freedom Technique, Access Consciousness, Law of attraction, Energy healing, Angel healing, Power of stories.

Share your stories of how you deal with stress or what is your company doing for stress management in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

If you want to introduce stress management workshops in your company, or experience any of the above therapies, give us a call at +91 8050003237 or write in to us at consult@healclinic.in to start the partnership.

As part of our #Wellnessstories, a client who had taken a tarot reading before deciding her college choices, writes this of her experience,

"Choosing one university where I would spend the next four years of my life seemed like a make or break decision when I was in 12th grade filling in my college applications. This decision was made even tougher for the 2020 batch due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the worldwide shutdown.

There were so many questions and choices in my mind; should I take a gap year? Will it be safe to go abroad? Should I stay at home or in another city?

My mom came across a Healclinic tarot guide post on Facebook that claimed to give mental clarity on any questions. I almost scoffed at the idea of a deck of cards determining my future. After many eye rolls and my mom's constant reassurance that it wasn't too expensive, I gave in and thought there would be no harm in checking out the online tarot guide.

I spoke to the tarot card reader on the phone and explained my situation and the confusion that I was in. She asked me specific questions about the situation. We narrowed down my thought spiral into three definite problems. I was pretty surprised when after taking out multiple tarot cards (which I saw through the video) she explained to me what my different options would mean to me, in terms of my future life. She showed me the tarot cards she had removed for my questions, explained what each of them meant to me, and then related them to my situation. It was like listening to someone telling me multiple stories about how my life would be if I took each of the options.

So it was not like she told me which college/option to go for, or which choice to make, but her explanation of what each choice would involve for me, helped me make the decision after tarot reading. Her guidance was definitely a deciding factor that helped me make my decision easier. I am now part of a college that I'm pretty sure is the right fit for me and I have Tarot reading and Heal Clinic to thank for that!'

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Tarot Reading can be done for any area of your life. It is a tool much beyond predictive purposes, it can help in guidance, problem-solving, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, life purpose, relationships in your life, be it personal or professional. If you wish to get a reading done, contact us 

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