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What is PCOD?

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) is when a woman’s ovaries release either partially mature or immature eggs during menstruation. These eggs may eventually turn into cysts leading the ovaries to enlarge in size. With PCOD, your body may also secrete increased amounts of Androgens - male hormones; this is one of the main reasons many women with PCOD suffer from menstruation and fertility issues.


Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) produce higher androgen levels than usual; this would lead to interference with the ovaries releasing the eggs. Some of these eggs may become cysts instead of being released during ovulation.

We notice that people often confuse PCOD and PCOS since both are ovary-related issues and both have similar early symptoms. Our aim through this article is to shed some light on the issues so that you are well aware of what your body is going through.

PCOD/PCOS Symptoms

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Causes of PCOS

We now know that excess production of androgen is one of the main issues with PCOS. Let’s learn more about why your body could be producing increased levels of male hormones.

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Women physiology is curiously complex. This is because it is dynamic and changes with different phases of her life. Women have to undergo physiological stresses in addition to environmental ones affecting men and women and all other creatures. Certain conditions like menstruation, pregnancy, abortions or menopause all are instances of physiological stresses as they put more pressure on her energy demands, calorie intake, vital readings, micro nutrient uptake etc.

We have options wherein we don’t have to live with the issues which we deem to have become a normal part of our monthly cycles. In Fact  reiki for irregular periods can help women to deal with monthly changes they go through.

Menstruation which heralds the fertile life of a female, is to be dealt carefully. Many teenage girls experience psychological and physical problems during menstrual beginning. This is a  new phase and in this phase the girl may feel discomfort with the engorgement of breasts, pain in the breasts and lower back, puffiness of face and hot flashes.

This is a new feeling and hence lays psychological stress on her mind. Some girls also experience premenstrual syndrome which presents symptomatically as rise in temperature, fullness in breasts and pain over the nipple and areola, puffiness of face and pimples, swelling in the legs, pain in the lower back, calf and inguinal regions, craving for chocolates, spicy food, headaches, constipation, acute episodes of depression and so on.

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Experiencing all of these symptoms or any one or in sets, at the onset of monthly periods is mentally taxing and physically exhausting as well. Many students and teenagers complain of irregularities in their monthly cycle. Usually this cycle is of 24-28 days but it's very rare that all women experience monthly periods at exactly a months’ period or completion of 28 days. The cycle varies with individual women and also the symptoms are subjective depending on the physiology and hormonal balance.

The girl with menstrual irregularities may face a variety of symptoms like excessive body hair growth, androgenic features, pimples, stunted uterine development, improper growth of secondary sexual characters. All these may at later stage lead to infertility, PCOS, thyroid and other hormonal disorders. In addition this may harm the self image of the female itself, which is depressive.

Reiki for irregular periods, as a healing therapy has proved to be a successful treatment by itself,  as well as when integrated with other  therapies. Clinically menstrual irregularities are amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, menorrhagia, which are no bleeding, scanty flow and excessive flow respectively. As a Reiki healer, we need to recognise the cause and form of irregularity and channelize the energy in the problem area.

We once had a teenage client  who suffered from oligomenorrhea, scanty blood flow since her menstruation. Also she used to get her periods once in 2 or 3 months and had visited a couple of doctors.  Her mother was a staunch follower of Indian systems of medicine and was reluctant to undergo any form of allopathic remedy. On examining the girl the reiki healer could see that she had associated secondary problems of excessive hairiness and improper breast growth too. She started with daily sessions of reiki for an irregular period of an hour each for a month and told the mother to review her  menstrual cycle. Along with reiki for menstrual cramps she was also  suggested certain naturopathic food restrictions and dietary changes.

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After 15 days when the girl had her 20 days of the cycle completed she was started with oil massage and fomentations over the lower abdominal region  The result being she got her periods on the 31st day and later we  reduced her reiki sittings for period pains to ¾ hour and gradually tapered the reiki and naturopathic remedies by the end of the 3 months period. However, we continued to give distant reiki healing for women to the girl on the request of the mother every month from her 21st day until she got her periods for the next 6 months until she regularly got her periods. During this phase we could evidently see the difference in her breast size as well and by the end of 6 months her facial hair had also considerably reduced.

The stimulation of the pituitary gland by channelizing reiki energy and in turn flow of vital energy to the parts of the uterus help in solving menstrual abnormalities of amenorrhea and oligomenorrhea. However the duration and frequency of the reiki sittings for irregular periods depends on individual conditions.

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