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Accessing Akashic Records

Akashic Records Reading takes place on the 6th plane, the plane of the Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters.  With the right intention and prayer, the keepers of the Records provide access to ours and those of others in a safe and uplifting manner. These records are described as a complete universal record of every thought, deed, action and emotion that has ever occurred, or for that matter, will ever occur.

While, it is not essential to dig into our past- at times past life can give us an insight into our recurring problems, themes, and issues. An important point to remember is that it is not just the negatives- the reading also shows us our talents and life purpose. The gentle energy provides clarity and guides us to aspects that are essential for growth.

For example, for one of the clients an empty table was shown and along the way it got clear that she wasn’t writing as much as she wanted too. For another client, who was going through a disturbing situation, a relaxing meditation was shown. One client was shown through a couple of lifetimes of being tortured in royalty and hence she shunned material gains. Yet another was shown the creative field is where she ought to focus as that is her gift to the world.

One of a fascinating aspects of the Reading is that Healing also happens during the Reading. A client with a troubled relation saw things shifting as the Healing had already begun in the Reading itself. As it is often said that if something is coming up- it is ready to be healed. It is then in our hands to do the needful.

We are often asked about the difference between PLR (Past Life Regression) and Akashic Records. The main being that in PLR, the client is guided by the healer into their past lives; whereas, in the Akashic Records, the Healer enters the Records guided by the Masters, and describes what is being shown. Also, the Records show the client’s state of mind, their inclinations and at times a peek into the future too. Therefore, it is much more than one’s Past-life. What is essential to the client is given access, what they need to know at that point of time which can help them move forward or heal a blockage is what is shown to them.

Watch our healer explain Akashik Readings

In an Akashik Reading, we don’t dwell on the future, as it is to do more with the past. However, it does provide an indication of the future akin to Tarot and Theta Healing. Akashic Records Reading is a great tool for those who want to understand themselves- their purpose, talents, life themes, current problems- then the Records beckon thee.

We offer online readings.

Past life memories are like an autobiography of your eternal soul, personal stories that explain who you are now and why you’re here on earth. Past Life Regression or popularly known as PLR is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing your past lives directly.

Many people who undergo a regression and successfully remember a past life are able to watch the scenes unfold like a movie, witnessing the life in a linear fashion from birth to death.

The start of the journey

Vasavi started on this journey 24 years back. She was undergoing a lot of work and personal stress and had constant headaches. To get over her stress she practiced yoga and pranayama, also tried her hand at a counselling session. All these efforts helped her to some extent, but she never reached an optimum health condition.

When a friend recommended her to meet a famous PLR healer, she underwent regression and found the reasons for her health challenges post which she got healed. She was so impressed with this therapy that she took this up as a profession. She trained under several gurus including famous American PLR practitioner Bruce Goldberg and has now become an accomplished practitioner.

We asked her to clarify certain queries, which clients normally have on PLR.

Hypnotherapy and PLR

There is a lot of confusion between hypnotherapy and PLR; Hypnotherapy is a process, a technique which is used to regress a client to access the past. The practitioner uses hypnotherapy techniques to give suggestions to the subconscious mind, though ultimately it is up to the client to accept it or not.

While PLR is a procedure, the entire session where the client regresses to relive his past emotions, actions, relations, beliefs which have led to the current situation. Some of the techniques used during the session are hypnotherapy, are age regression, inter life regression which takes you through different past lives trying to pinpoint which life was the source of your current issue.

When a person comes out of the trance, they generally remember what they had seen or felt. In her experience only 1% of the clients don’t remember what they had gone through the session.

Learn the difference between Akashic Records and PLR

PLR and children

PLR sessions are possible with children over 12 years. In case of younger children, its better to teach relaxation and meditation techniques to the parents, and guide them on how to take their kids through it.

Health issues resolved through PLR

PLR is very useful to solve behavioural and relationship issues, conflict situations, fears and phobias, feelings of anger, panic, depression, and other emotional issues. PLR has been also helpful in chronic diseases like cancer in trying to find the root cause, i.e. why has it originated?

Read the story of a young boy whom Vasavi helped from a heart disorder through PLR

Root cause found, what next?

Once the reason for the issue has been identified, techniques like imagery, visualisations, meditations, affirmations, relaxation techniques, and many more are done to heal the issue. Though a lot depends on the client, to what extent she is willing to work on herself and let go.

A to Z – PLR techniques

PLR has many different modalities, depending on the situation and client condition, the practitioner will decide which modality should be used. Practitioners use their intuition and sixth sense to decided during a session which combination of techniques to use for best results.

Bruce Goldenberg, the famous PLR practitioner, talks from his own experiences and not from any definitions.

“PLR has been also helpful in chronic diseases like cancer in trying to find the root cause.”

Side effects: this is a non-invasive therapy

There are no side effects of PLR, in case the therapist is unable to handle the situation, at the most the client will sleep for some time and get up without remembering much of what happened. PLR helps bridge conscious and sub conscious mind. During the session the clients are generally aware of what is happening. In some cases, where they are not, it is like getting up after a long sleep.

PLR = supernatural

Some people expect to get supernatural powers, development of some 6th sense, but that is not possible.

How much time does it take?

Not easy to predict. It depends on the client, how much they are willing to discuss and open about their issues, the severity of the issue and the depth of the past emotion affecting the present situation.

Example, for a client undergoing depression treatment for the last couple of years or a serious ailment like cancer it may take around 3 months, starting with one session a week, to one session in 15 days and finally one session a month. As compared to someone with a knee pain who will get healed within 1 to 3 sessions.

Are Karma and PLR related?

Karma is our thoughts, our actions and the outcome of what we are doing. Removing karma means ‘paschathapa’. In PLR sessions, clients become aware about the reasons of their issues, become aware of the solution or change that is needed to resolve their issue. Then it is upto them, if they wish to make that change or not. After knowing all, someone may still continue doing what they were doing expecting different results. That is not possible.

PLR has helped millions of clients worldwide, healclinic has a panel of PLR practitioners who can help resolve different issues.

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Past life memories are like the autobiography of your eternal soul, personal stories that explain who you are now and why you’re here on earth.

There are many myths and misconecptions surrounding PLR, and people have formed their opinions based on the many TV programs and how it is depicted in the movies.

So what exactly is PLR, or why should anybody go for one.

What issues can be resolved through PLR? What is involved in a PLR session?

We understand that when we make a choice, it has a consequence. But do you know that the consequences can be over live times. Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy helps you understand and resolve patterns, behaviors, habits or beliefs that may have originated sometime earlier in this life or even before this life

PLR works very well in uncovering the Why’s of your phobias, fears, anxiety, belief patterns, habits, physical illness and emotions. It can help you understand why certain relations are strained or not a per how you would want them to be. Why do you have some habits which you find it very difficult to break.

Once you understand the reasons and become aware of the Why’s, it becomes easier to handle them and heal them.

Once we decide to go for a PLR session, the next question that bothers us  is “Will this work for me?”  Remember, PLR session is like reading a book or watching a movie. It is upto you how much you allow yourself to get into the flow or involved with the characters. A few tips to remember while going in for a PLR session,

The more relaxed and open you are, the most effective the session will be. PLR sessions have helped people resolve some of their biggest issues.

Read how a young boy was helped in resolved in a heart ailment through PLR

Akashic Records is another modality that gives you a peep into your previous life times and identify your patterns and beliefs. Read what is Akashic records and how is it different from PLR 

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One person dies every 33 seconds owing to a heart attack in India. “India is currently witnessing nearly two million heart attacks a year and majority of the victims are youngsters – source Times of India.”

Heart issues are serious business and with the mind-boggling statistics of heart disorders in India, alarm bells are ringing. Modern medicine starts the treatment with prolonged medication or sometimes surgery. Traditional or alternative treatment involves treating the body holistically which can control the disease first and then heal it.

A young boy Hemant (name changed) was diagnosed with an extra mass around his heart. He is a student and comes from a very low economic background. Doctors suggested surgery. Hemant and his parents were shocked and couldn’t decide where they should go for critical surgery or not as they were not ready to bear the cost.

A relative recommended them to healclinic, who recommended a Past Life Regression therapist and energy healer. After understanding the case, PLR healer recommended 3 sessions of PLR, within the next 15 days.

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1st Session- Involved taking Hemant to his past life, to understand the cause of what caused this illness. Here Vasavi learnt that in his past life he had suffered from a trauma in his heart.

2nd Session- Hemant was made aware of his trauma and counseled to acknowledge and accept it. Post which his heart was energised through healing.

3rd session – Hemant was given positive energies and affirmations.

Post the two weeks of healing Hemant started showing signs of recovery. Tests carried out a couple of months later showed the mass size reducing near his heart. Post this Vasavi suggested them to choose whether they want to go ahead with another PLR session or take surgery. With doctor’s consent Hemant underwent his surgery. After surgery his recovery was faster than his fellow patients.

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Post-surgery Hemant went back to Vasavi, and she gave him meditation and yoga nidra therapy so that his body recovers faster. With one month of meditation and yoga nidra practise Hemant recovered completely and is now leading a normal energetic life.

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PLR has helped millions of clients worldwide, healclinic has a panel of PLR practitioners who can help resolve different issues.

If you are interested in PLR healing, contact us +91 80500023237 The sessions can be done face to face to online.

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