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As our healer Anushree, went through health issues, she experienced and changed her perspective on how food impacts our emotions, feelings and stress levels.  She began looking at Food Stress and how it was impacting her daily life.

I grew up in a setup where food was enjoyed to the core and we would eat more than our appetite as a sign of relishing food. The number of times we had food was also 3 or sometimes 4 in a day and the food was mostly home made. There was a restriction on items like Maggi and outside processed food.

As we grew and entered our teens, the more progressive lot (financially) was already exposed to a lot of media and processed food and juices. Having food outside along with processed food and junk became a sign of “being cool” or “fitting in” . Eventually, it became an addiction to compensate for anxiety and sometimes a replacement to pass time or enjoy time.

My whole 20s went in random, unhealthy food. Even if the food was healthy and home cooked, I kept wanting to eat more and more. Pizzas, pastas, sweets, chocolates and so on.

It never stuck me that I really don’t require so much food. That food is just an element to create a certain energy and flow in the body. For me, basis the advertisements and everything, having food was a sign of some recreation.

Even the quality or content of home made food was not so conducive but I carried on. I could not handle stress in office so I would divert my attention to food to compensate for the density in office.

It’s not that the body wasn’t showing signs. It was. I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Acne, Pimples, Irritable moods and so on. But we were never taught to understand our body. We were only taught about Taj Mahal and Khiljis and some Projectiles which till date don’t make an iota of difference to me or my living.

As I went on bed rest few years back, I went through almost dark night of the soul. I was on bed with almost zero movement. Making food or digesting food both were not a luxury body was able to afford. So I used to have just one mango and tomato soup which my maid used to keep by my bedside and go. And that was filling enough to sustain the body. And that purified and changed the body and emotions to a great degree.

Slowly, as I emerged on other side of life, through the bed rest and spiritual opening, I had changed. The desire to compensate for my emotions via food or the desire to remain addicted to food started withering away.

Slowly and gradually, I started observing and changing my food.

The food became simpler and healthier.

The pizzas started leaving me. The pastas too and so did the burgers and cold coffees.

I started meeting people who embrace simpler, healthier methods of cooking.

I started realising how much does the mood with which food is made affects the content of food.

I started realising how important it is to not shout or think random stuff while cooking.

How important it is to eat fresh food.

How only 2 meals became sufficient for body when balanced with all ingredients.

I started learning how water is only required few times and not whole day and how water based food is equally important for body.

I started learning to purify water before drinking energetically.

I started learning to store less and keep rotating grains in house.

From someone who used to munch whole day, my diet changed. The habits changed.

I was a part of one of the yoga whatsapp groups where there was a whole discussion and activities on food. Like chewing food enough and eating fruits before main food and including different grains in food and timing of food, including not eating too late and eating couple of hours before sleep.

As simple as it sounds, I realised it made such a significant difference in my mood and body.

I started learning the importance of balance of 5 elements in kitchen and how it affects the overall vibration of food.

How eating food in steel plates and storing in steel was altering the taste of food as compared to plastic.

And then as I sat and pondered, I realised,

Our minds have been programmed to feel delighted by being addicted to things that we don’t require.

A lot of us are so used to feeling lost that in order to pass time or compensate for our emotions or suppressed anxiety, we eat food.

Or some of us eat food because we don’t have any other form of recreation.

Or some of us prefer “talk over meals” because we “assume” there is no other time to meet and talk. The truth that how the vibration and stress of talk changes the vibration of food we consume and hence does not contribute to our system in a way that supports good health .

Food is an input to the body, the sacredness of food or the input decides what atmosphere it creates within the body and mind.

* Would You rather go deeper into your own psyche and list down how many times and how do you consume food.

* What is the driving force behind consuming food.

* How does your body feel after consuming it.

* How are your emotions while you make food or consume it.

* How do you associate with food.

* Do you munch to change moods?

* Would there be an alternate to it?

* Do you eat extra and are you aware you are eating extra. Does it alter your mood?

* Do you eat at restaurants because there is nothing else to do for recreation ?

* Is Mall visit a mandatory eating at Food court and restaurants in dense environment fill of noise and peoples thoughts ?

* What is the driving factor really ?

Ask yourself.

* Could your life change if your attitude to food changes ?

* Are you resorting to caffeine because you have not been able to figure out an alternative ?

I hope and pray that the pure consciousness of food sparkles and radiates through you that enriches you and the planet.

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