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Healing tip by Dr.Disha Ghosal

World over conflicts and fights are increasing. Unrest in the cities are on a rise. People are deviating from the path of peace and love. Our practitioner Dr Disha Ghosal believes that as healers we should come together and do our bit in healing the imbalances. Help calm the mob fury and bring about peace and harmony. Here is a message to all the healers and meditators to get together and use their gifts to heal the mobs of unrest and maintain the balance of peace and love.

Distance healing method OR Visualization technique for Meditators

1) Grounding: most of the healers have their personal kind of grounding technique like tree visualization, water flow visualization.
This grounding is very important because the energy that’s given to the Universe is at a high speed.

2)Affirmations that can be used
a)For highest good
b)Affirmation for people to take ownership for their actions and bring clarity in thoughts and actions
c)Heal Mother Earth

3) Post-healing does a gratitudinal prayer is necessary.Thanking Mother Earth, parents, teachers , self and anyone you feel connected to.

4) Frequency : I am personally sending healing every 15 minutes for 3 minutes each. Since MOB’s are dynamic and their energy keeps fluctuating, the frequency is the key to keeping the balance.

Please Note :
1) No footwear while healing

2)  Stop sending healing if u feel giddy, nausea, emotionally drained, mentally uncomfortable. This clearly shows that your grounding isn’t enough. Please reground if need be.

3) MOB mentality is fear based, Do remember : where fear exists love is disconnected. All healings should be love based.

Meditation is said to have originated in India about 3000 years ago and has proved to be considerably effective in ADHD and many other psychological conditions. According to Davis (1998) Meditation is a set of attentional practices leading to an altered state or trait of consciousness characterized by expanded awareness and integrated self.  There are different meditation types viz., Insight meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Vipasana, Qigong, Anapanasathi, Zen, Chun Do Sup Bup.

Anciently meditation has been associated with religious and spiritual terms. This provides the foundation for their evolution and development. Practically this should not deter modern day application by compartmentalizing and restricting its usage to specific sects or groups. It is a time tested developed knowledge which had been proved to be effective, as explained in ancient Yogic treatises. However, modern day organizations are using less spiritual and mystic terms in imparting this magnificent knowledge for the benefit of humanity globally.

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The modern meditational methods like Concentrative meditation which includes Transcendental meditation and Relaxation response widely  practiced in the west as well as the Mindfulness meditation which emphasizes on opening awareness of the individual to the emerging contents of the mind; all are based on the principles of Yoga. The Dharana(Focusing), Dhyana(De-focusing meditation) and Samadhi(super-consciousness) similar to transcending consciousness have been propounded thousands of years ago. The wandering mind which in its grossest form preoccupied by random thoughts is brought to concentration by focusing on objects, colours, light or pleasant ideas is then focused in Dharana; after much practice it can ascend to Dhyana which is the actual meditation state, akin to mindfulness state where mind is trained to decondition its previous patterns of reaction to different forms of stimuli. As one attains this state and can sustain here for prolonged durations he can progress to the final eighth limb of Ashtanga yoga, Samadhi state analogous to Transcendentalism.

Yoga being the union of two poles of energy within an individual; aims at balancing and achieving homeostasis by Union rather than partition. Just as excess fat accumulates and blocks blood flow in the vessels, so does impurities from wrong life style clog the flow of energy/prana in the nadis which result in decreased energy manifestations. Yoga tries to make changes in the subtle energy field at pranic levels, so as to correct the gross manifestations in the body as ailments. Influxes of the mind can be controlled by pranic restraint and vice versa has been verified centuries ago. We have to only practice these deep-rooted strategies with immaculate faith to attain disease free, healthier, and blissful lives.

However, attention is to be taken in practicing this under strict observance of instructions by the Guru, failing which there is risk of release of kundalini energy in the blocked nadis leading to adverse effects.

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Meditation is an excellent stress buster, but it scares us away. There are many myths around meditation, some of the objections which people often have to meditation,

Lets see where do people generally meditate, 

Let me tell you upfront that all of the above is not true of meditation, especially for the beginners when we are looking at it as a means to relax and calm our stressed mind and body.

All you need is a few minutes a day and you can do it anywhere anytime.  Lets look at 4 easy meditation techniques for beginners,

  1. The simplest form of meditation is to sit still for a few minutes and concentrate on your breath. That’s it, just concentrate on your inhales and exhales. Don’t worry about the thoughts that come into your mind, let them flow. As soon as you feel distracted get your attention back to the breath. You can do this even for 1 minute a day while travelling, in between meetings, while walking, or anytime you have a few minutes to spare.
  2. If concentrating on the breadth is difficult for you, chant. Chant any mantra or a word that you believe in. Just chant it for 11/15/21 any number of times that you feel comfortable.
  3. Sit and observe your thoughts which wander in your mind. Don’t get attached to any thought, simple observe as each thought comes and goes.

If you find all of the above difficult then,

  1. Simply sit without doing anything or any gadgets. If you feel you can only sit for 10 minutes or even 5 minutes, and not 25 or 30, then go with that. You don’t have to meditate, just get into a meditative posture daily for a few minutes and sit silently.

You do all or any of the above regularly you will find that slowly

Meditation is a very powerful tool, which can be life altering over a period of time. You have your own meditation routine, share it in comments so others can learn from it.

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Achieving a state of calm requires nothing special, complicated or expensive. Just breathe and feel all stress and anxiety melt away. From this natural state of calm and balance, the answers to your problems will become clear.

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A simple technique: Breath Meditation which you can practice anywhere anytime.

Rate how you feel now on a scale of 1-10 (‘1′: awful, ’10’: raring to go). Remember, the transformation of stress to relaxation starts with 2 simple words:

Stop resisting! Stop resisting what is, who you are, what others do, how life is right now. Stop putting all your energies into wishing and wanting things to be different — to be as you want them to be. Stop running images in your head of how others “should” behave, what your life “should” look like, how much happier you think you would be if everything were your brand of “perfect”.

Just stop… and breathe. Breathe deep and full. Breathe and fill your lungs. Breathe and fill your abdomen. Breathe from your toes. Breathe into the middle of your forehead. Breathe into every cell of your being. Allow your body to breathe… in and out… in and out… in and out.

Isn’t breathing such a wonderful activity? It’s automatic and yet lends itself to a certain measure of control. Its gentle rhythm soothes an agitated mind. Its depth connects the soul with the cosmic flow of energy. With its ebb and flow, it reminds us of the Universal cycles that play out in our lives — cycles of winter and spring, rest and action, giving and receiving.

Notice the several connections that breath communicates to you. Allow it to draw your attention to the knowledge and wisdom it wishes to impart to you. What does it want you to know in this moment? Draw this knowledge into your being and let it spread throughout your body.

As you go deeper, become aware of the stillness between breaths — between an in-breath and an out-breath, between an out-breath and an in-breath… Relax into this stillness. Allow it to gently embrace you. What does this stillness mean to you? What is this stillness communicating to you? Who are you in this stillness?

From this new awareness that flows from your breath and from the stillness, what do you now understand about your life? What more is possible for you in this moment that you now choose? From this moment forward, who do you now choose to be?

How do you feel now? Where are you now on the scale of 1-10?  Use this meditation on your breath anywhere, anytime — on a commute, in a queue, in the bathroom :).

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Share your experience with this breath meditation, we would love to hear from you.

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A recent study by WHO found that more than 75% of Indians under the age of 40 suffer from stress-related illnesses. They stem not only from poor lifestyle choices, but are also symptomatic of a stressful work environment. Increasing pressures of tight deadlines, team disharmony, project overload and work disengagement are just some of the daily challenges that characterize the modern workplace.

Employees suffering from high stress levels have lower engagement, are less productive and have higher absenteeism levels. It is imperative with such an epidemic to ensure the mental and emotional welfare of employees.

Truly enlightened businesses put holistic employee welfare first. They seek to address workplace tension head-on, creating a culture of harmony, engagement and creativity. This is the bedrock of all highly productive trailblazing companies. Companies such as Apple, Google, McKinsey etc., craft programs that embrace holistic well-being for their employees.

McKinsey partner and meditation aficionado Michael Rennie says, “What’s good for the spirit is good for the bottom line.”

Our practitioner Upasana takes you through some of the techniques that are being used by corporate to empower their employees

What are they including in their corporate wellness programs? Embracing these 9 phenomenally powerful ‘New Age’ methods and training:

1. Meditation: The simplest and most transformative tool is a 15-minute meditation. From the United States Marines to high-performing companies such as Google and General Mills, the benefits of workplace meditation are universally praised. It helps reduce hypertension, increase clarity and improve interpersonal communication. Passive meditation calms the nervous system and brain, overcoming anxiety and stress. Active and mindful meditation brings the goal into focus, increasing positivity and creativity. Group meditations are especially powerful. The ‘Maharishi Effect’ is proof of its transformative power. They generate waves of vibrational flow that rapidly improvebiology, collective culture and creativity.

2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): NLP provides practical tools to gain clarity on goals as well asstrategies to achieve them easily and creatively. NLP uses 2 powerful forces that determine the very fabric of our lives — neural patterns in the brain, and language cues across all modes of communication. Through “trance” communication and imagination, the subconscious mind is focused on the desired results. NLP skills are especially highly valued in marketing, sales, client management and leadership development. The tools of NLP have helped countless people, from overcoming fears to improving strategic skills to devising market-disruptive technologies. In the words of Tony Robbins, “the only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”

3. Silva Mind Control Method: The Silva Method goes beyond the subconscious mind to activate and harness the power of higher brain functions. This method leads the brain into alpha and theta states that open up access to higher wisdom.Further techniques dramatically increase one’s intuition, focus and extra sensory abilities. And then goes a step further giving you the power to heal your body and manifest your vision. At the core of manifesting is your intent. When that intent is focused, extraordinary things can happen. Successful authors such as Jack Canfield and Richard Bach have experienced phenomenal breakthroughs in their writing using the Silva Method.

4. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping): How many times have you let fear stop you from doing something you love? Beliefs that you are incapable or people will criticise you can sabotage your efforts and happiness. EFT is a simple yet effective tool. Lightly tapping on specific acupressure points on the body immediately begin to helps release negative beliefs and past traumas from a cellular level. And when paired with affirmations, this process becomes extremely powerful. Recently, one of my clients who was visiting a prospective customer, tapped out her worries on the way to a meeting. When she sat for the meeting, she was so calm and confident with the customer that she was able to get the business.

5. Access Consciousness: With Access Consciousness, we foray into the world of ‘energy work’. Every thought, emotion and belief has a vibration. Even desired results such as revenue, customers, smooth operations have a vibration of their own. Access Consciousness primarily uses questions and statements that bring up these energies to have a profound cleansing. Through the ‘power of the question’, it further attracts the vibration of the desired results. One of my friends had a particularly difficult co-worker. Every time she had to interact with the colleague, she mentally used the simplest question-tool, “How does it get better than this?” Within two weeks, their team work had improved to such an extent that they were able to complete their project ahead of schedule.

6. Law of Attraction: Many books and articles have been written in recent years on the Law of Attraction. The most popular of course is ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. Through emotion-based visualisation, you raise your energy to vibrate at the frequency of what you want. But how this applies to an organisation is even more spectacular. Every corporation vibrates at a certain frequency. This attracts certain types of customers, employees and keeps it at a certain operational level. Many times, despite new strategies and action plans, the business does not grow. When employees come together and channel the law of attraction, the entire frequency of the business changes. With higher energies, come the right opportunities, cohesive operations and rapid business growth.

7. Energy HealingReikiPranic Healing, Theta Healing etc., may not be new concepts to you. Receiving energy healing is a relaxing and uplifting experience. When medication or therapy is supplemented with energy work, people have experienced faster and deeper healing. Recipients enjoy holistic well-being at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The basic foundation to all energy work is that everything is naturally biased towards growth, well-being and expansion. The healer and healee simply facilitate this process. The body returns to health. The mind returns to stability. The heart returns to joy. Is there anything better than happy employees?

Angel Healing: What would your life and business be like if you have a team of angels managing everything? We all have Guides, Angels and Mentors in the subtle dimension. They’re waiting to help us and seek ways to communicate their happy presence to us. All we need do is ask for their help. With their higher wisdom and ability to assist in manifestation, they are a formidable team working on our side. Recently, I asked my team of “business development” angels to help me connect with the best client for me. A few days later I suddenly got the impulse to attend an informal meet-up. With the utmost ease and grace I was able to meet and sign on a client who was also attending the same event.

9. Power of Stories: Stories spark emotion. They are great healing tools that help us make sense of the world we live in. They inspire hope and passion, igniting us into creative action. Stories speak directly to the subconscious or what in academic circles is called the ‘psyche’. Jungian psychology explores the various archetypes and symbols that pervade every individual’s psyche. The right story can help us articulate how we feel and find creative solutions to challenges. Various agencies, from corporations to the military to prisons use the power of stories and storytelling. They are a powerful tool to initiate change.

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“It is a burning issue in corporate India that everyone has to address. Our entire society creates stress, right from childhood exam results to making a career. Organisations must understand that there is this serious factor called stress and proactively deal with it,” said Harsh Mariwala, chairman of Marico. 

A study found that 43% of corporate employees with skewed BMI (body mass index), of which 30% with diabetic risk, 30% with hypertension risk and 46% high on stress.  

Corporates who are investing in wellness for their employees have been able to reap rewards. 9 new age tools being adopted for employee wellness are – Meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Silva Mind Control Method, Emotional Freedom Technique, Access Consciousness, Law of attraction, Energy healing, Angel healing, Power of stories.

Share your stories of how you deal with stress or what is your company doing for stress management in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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