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Over 60% of thyroid patients in India are women and this tribe is increasing. Most of the patients are happy in maintaining the thyroid condition by popping a small pill everyday morning. But Rashmi (name changed) wanted to get out of this routine and wanted to stay medicine free.

She was diagnosed with thyroid around 2010, around the time she was coming closer to 40.  She had Hypothyroidism where her TSH levels were in the range of 8 to 10. She was prescribed 75mg of thyroxine which she continued taking for nearly 4 years. It was pretty depressing but she took it in her stride.

In April 2014, she got introduced to a magnet therapist. Post studying her blood reports and understanding her lifestyle and other health conditions, he claimed with confidence that he would heal her thyroid.

Being here the first experience with alternate therapy, she had multiple questions. He explained to her how magnets work on our body to heal us of different ailments.

Illness or pain occurs in our body when there is an imbalance in the flow of energy through our body, and especially the affected part of the body. By putting tiny magnets on designated points on our palms (each point is mapped to specific body parts) magnetic energy rectifies the imbalance and re-establishes health.

Based on her energy flows, which were scanned by the practitioner, he prepared a chart which had magnets plotted on different parts of my palms and fingers. He taught her on how to put the magnets. Then started the journey of taping magnets to her fingers and palms every night before going to sleep and remove them in the morning.

Every month she checked herTSH levels. The treatment started showing results within a month and she could stop taking thyroxine. For the past two years, she has had not a single tablet. Her TSH levels have been in the correct range ever since.

After a year somewhere in 2015, she was moved to what is called as maintenance magnets mode which means fewer magnets were to be applied to ensure that the effect is long term. Since the end of  2015, she has got off the magnets completely.

To ensure that things are still on track she gets her TSH levels checked every 3 months but everything is still on track.

She has become a big proponent  of alternate therapy to all who are suffering from chronic illnesses. The seemingly harmless tablets that we take daily can have severe side effects over a longer period of time.

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