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When our ancestors were faced with danger, nature programmed them for 2 possibilities - either the problem was surmountable, which meant energising the body to fight the enemy, or the problem was too big, which meant energizing the body to run. Both options would immediate de-prioritise the digestive process, which is why some people can end up throwing out digested or undigested food or water through vomiting or passing urine or stools during stress. Also, now we have different challenges - we don't need to physically run towards or away from our boss or in laws, but the hormones are still released and can affect our health. Here's how.

Stress stored in our bodies

After the intensity of the fight or flight response, the body 'crashes' in energy and the focus is on getting back to normal. Since as a society we are focused on consistent performance, these phases are shunned and the body is never given time to recover. We then offer the body a new stressor, and over time we get addicted to functioning on that artificial 'high' of the stress hormones.

Persistent stress due to difficulties in health, relationships and jobs will damage the digestive system over a long time and this creates a lot of secondary problems. Here are the signs I've frequently seen among my clients.

Because people have gotten used to functioning only on the energy provided by stress hormones, most people experiencing chronic stress are rarely self-motivated, functioning only when things go too far or a deadline is looming. When the 'danger' of a missed deadline floods their system with stress hormones, they are finally able to function. So they fluctuate between super-charged when the hormones are pumping through the system or 'lazy' and exhausted.

Due to the lack of energy the rest of the times, there can often be this feeling of spacing out from the world, some people may use binge-watching, binge eating or addictive substances as tools for this escape.

Most people will end up either feeling too hungry or not hungry enough as the digestive process is affected. Sleep can change as well, crashing out when exhausted and difficulty sleeping or shallow sleep otherwise. People living in situations where the body doesn't feel safe for whatever reason (abusive relationships for eg) can wake up at every little disturbance.

And one of the most telling signs I observe is the person's sensitivity to sound. When people are greatly affected by noise, this is very frequently a sign of the body being in a state of constant alarm.

Some people can experience these things after a specific incident, like a breakup or the death of a loved one or even the sudden loss of a job. In these cases, some good therapy can help the body get back to a state of ease and wellbeing. In cases where people are stuck in abusive relationships or workplaces, a lot more work is needed.

In either case, if you experience these please pay attention, because it doesn't take long before this becomes physical, causing issues like headaches, chronic fatigue or pain, brain fog, palpitations, IBS, anxiety and the hardest one - auto immune disorders.

5 signs you are living in Fight or Flight Mode

If you have any of the signs above do consider therapy to identify and resolve the conflict

If you're a parent,

please watch out for these signs in your child as well. We don't need early interventions, no. We need parents who are working on themselves. Children model themselves after parents, and if parents are sorted, then they know better how to deal with children. This can change at any moment, but the core lesson is merely this - what do we value?

As a society we spend hours and hours earning money, that is a priority. Everything else is now secondary, that's the core issue. Spending 2% of our time on something that can improve our health, mind and relationships is too much of a burden. When we learn to prioritise the right things, our children follow suit, it really is that simple. Takes a few weeks or a few months, rarely ever more than that. Nature has designed children to biologically mimic parents.

We call them Reiki children, where parents practice Reiki from before conception or from the time the child is born or very young. It changes everything, the kids are very special. Even at this stage it isn't late for you. But the question is only - is it important enough yet?

Article by Ashwita Goel

May 17th was declared as World Hypertension day way back in 2005. This day was chosen to spread awareness about the causes, prevention, and cure of this disease. The number of people suffering from hypertension will rise to 1.56 billion by 2025 across the world. An astonishing 20% of world population will suffer from this disease, this data will increase anyone’s blood pressure!! Let us come together to make a movement of banishing hypertension.

What is hypertension?

Blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood against the walls of blood vessels and the magnitude of this force depends on the cardiac output and the resistance of the blood vessels. Normal blood pressure varies according to age. If average blood pressure reading of an individual is 150/90, then it is considered as the high BP.

A single reading of BP cannot be taken as standard value and one should check regularly at different times of the day for at least 15 days before arriving at any conclusion.

A diagnosis of hypertension may be made when one or both readings as shown below are high:

  1. Systolic (the pressure as the heart pumps blood around the body), given first.
  2. Diastolic (pressure as the heart relaxes and refills with blood), given second.

High blood pressure can also be secondary to other conditions. For example – kidney disease may lead to hypertension and in this case, treating the disease will normalize the blood pressure.

Hypertension by itself does not have symptoms but in the long-term leads to complications caused by narrowing of blood vessels.

Causes of hypertension

  1. Anxiety is considered as the main cause.
  2. Physical inactivity and obesity
  3. Salt rich food, unhealthy diet, and lifestyle
  4. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco etc.
  5. Secondary to diseases like kidney and heart disorders

Symptoms of hypertension

Dizziness, headache, sleeplessness, chest pain, frequent urination, tiredness is some of the symptoms and all these are not necessarily seen in single person.

Hypertension is called the’ silent killer’ as it does not show any symptom for a long duration but causes a lot of damage before we realise.

Complications of hypertension

If hypertension is not detected early it may create bigger risks of health like heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, aneurysm or bulging of blood vessels are the main complications. Sometimes, rupture of blood vessels in the eyes can occur as well.Many health conditions are related to this so do not take it lightly get treated and try to find a permanent cure.

Methods of treatment

Modern medicines have been developed which can keep blood pressure under control but to cure it completely, alternate therapies like Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda go a long way.

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