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When our ancestors were faced with danger, nature programmed them for 2 possibilities - either the problem was surmountable, which meant energising the body to fight the enemy, or the problem was too big, which meant energizing the body to run. Both options would immediate de-prioritise the digestive process, which is why some people can end up throwing out digested or undigested food or water through vomiting or passing urine or stools during stress. Also, now we have different challenges - we don't need to physically run towards or away from our boss or in laws, but the hormones are still released and can affect our health. Here's how.

Stress stored in our bodies

After the intensity of the fight or flight response, the body 'crashes' in energy and the focus is on getting back to normal. Since as a society we are focused on consistent performance, these phases are shunned and the body is never given time to recover. We then offer the body a new stressor, and over time we get addicted to functioning on that artificial 'high' of the stress hormones.

Persistent stress due to difficulties in health, relationships and jobs will damage the digestive system over a long time and this creates a lot of secondary problems. Here are the signs I've frequently seen among my clients.

Because people have gotten used to functioning only on the energy provided by stress hormones, most people experiencing chronic stress are rarely self-motivated, functioning only when things go too far or a deadline is looming. When the 'danger' of a missed deadline floods their system with stress hormones, they are finally able to function. So they fluctuate between super-charged when the hormones are pumping through the system or 'lazy' and exhausted.

Due to the lack of energy the rest of the times, there can often be this feeling of spacing out from the world, some people may use binge-watching, binge eating or addictive substances as tools for this escape.

Most people will end up either feeling too hungry or not hungry enough as the digestive process is affected. Sleep can change as well, crashing out when exhausted and difficulty sleeping or shallow sleep otherwise. People living in situations where the body doesn't feel safe for whatever reason (abusive relationships for eg) can wake up at every little disturbance.

And one of the most telling signs I observe is the person's sensitivity to sound. When people are greatly affected by noise, this is very frequently a sign of the body being in a state of constant alarm.

Some people can experience these things after a specific incident, like a breakup or the death of a loved one or even the sudden loss of a job. In these cases, some good therapy can help the body get back to a state of ease and wellbeing. In cases where people are stuck in abusive relationships or workplaces, a lot more work is needed.

In either case, if you experience these please pay attention, because it doesn't take long before this becomes physical, causing issues like headaches, chronic fatigue or pain, brain fog, palpitations, IBS, anxiety and the hardest one - auto immune disorders.

5 signs you are living in Fight or Flight Mode

If you have any of the signs above do consider therapy to identify and resolve the conflict

If you're a parent,

please watch out for these signs in your child as well. We don't need early interventions, no. We need parents who are working on themselves. Children model themselves after parents, and if parents are sorted, then they know better how to deal with children. This can change at any moment, but the core lesson is merely this - what do we value?

As a society we spend hours and hours earning money, that is a priority. Everything else is now secondary, that's the core issue. Spending 2% of our time on something that can improve our health, mind and relationships is too much of a burden. When we learn to prioritise the right things, our children follow suit, it really is that simple. Takes a few weeks or a few months, rarely ever more than that. Nature has designed children to biologically mimic parents.

We call them Reiki children, where parents practice Reiki from before conception or from the time the child is born or very young. It changes everything, the kids are very special. Even at this stage it isn't late for you. But the question is only - is it important enough yet?

Article by Ashwita Goel

how fathers can participate actively in improving child’s health

Fathers are every child’s superhero. Children believe that their fathers don’t have any limits. But when it comes to caring for they are inclined towards mothers. Today’s generation dads have to be aware of the care and knowledge required to take care of their young ones especially when they suffer from any health problems So fathers time to read on.

As per psychologist Eirine Flouri, “An involved father figure reads to his child, takes outings with his child, is interested in his child’s education, and takes a role equal to the mother’s in managing his child.” Children with these types of dads are more likely to get better grades in school and fared better overall.

The need for fathers to be involved has become very important in the last decade as in many cases both the parents work and need to be equally capable of handling a child’s needs. Tips to get involved in a child’s life –

A study has proven the fact that children, who have continuous involvement of fathers in their lives have lesser cases of behavioural disorders, overall wellbeing and feel less victimised by the society. The psychological study also reveals that fathers who are involved in their children life, health wise or other feel more satisfied with themselves, and are more to participate among the members of society.

This also makes their relationship with their spouses’ cordial as the feelings for each other deepens with empathy and mutual agreement when it comes to their child’s wellbeing. So in whole it’s a win – win situation for all.

Fathers don’t get left behind in the race, time to get involved with your child physical, mental and emotional growth. If you are finding it difficult as to how to get involved take relationship advice from our experts

Work is important but family comes first!

When exams are around the corner, children and parents both come under stress. Exhaustive study requirements, improper planning and pressure from parents cause physical and mental problems in children. One should make a timetable and plan the study pattern. Parents should encourage the child and plan for a healthy diet and lifestyle to prevent the stress.

Dos for physical and mental health

Using food made up of whole grains at home with lots of fruits and vegetables is highly recommended. During the exams, stress will be high and a lack of exercise may lead to improper weight gain. The above pattern will help in maintaining health.

According to Ayurveda consumption of ghee with food will help in the nourishment of brain. Dry fruits like almond and walnut etc can be consumed as snacks which will help lubricate the body naturally.

To keep the child hydrated, parents should give fresh fruit juice, green tea, tender coconut, sugarcane juice as well as churned and butter extracted buttermilk. Ayurveda says that the buttermilk helps in digestion and controls excessive heat.

To keep the mind relaxed and to improve concentration, parents should be supportive and they should be relaxed in front of the child.

In between the studies, students should take small breaks of ten minutes or so and involve themselves with some other activities like listening to soothing music, reading something entertaining, dancing or indulging in any other hobbies they have. This activity makes the mind relax and improves concentration.

During evening playing shuttle badminton or some outdoor game will help in staying fit, physically and mentally. The entire family can involve themselves in indoor games like chess, monopoly etc.  to build a congenial atmosphere.

Waking up early in the morning can also help in improving the concentration. Ayurveda highly recommends studying during the Brahmi Muhurta during which, the mind is fresh and can absorb the knowledge imparted quickly.

To get good sleep, one can undergo head and body massage once a week and only head massage and bath at least twice a week. Abhyanga or massages can improve both physical and mental health according to Ayurveda.

Don’ts for physical and health

One should reduce junk food, outside foods and deep fried items. Due to stress during exam, the metabolism (digestion and absorption) will not be proper. These foods will lead to indigestion or obesity.

One should not consume soft drinks, carbonated drinks and tea or coffee in excessive quantity.

Putting pressure on the child or always talking about the studies will increase the stress on the child.

Studying for exams should not disturb the sleep; erratic sleep pattern will affect the health. Sitting idle in one place for long duration is not advisable.

These are the few simple tips to follow during exam times. These will help to maintain both physical and mental health as well as keep the child relaxed during the study holidays.

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Need help for your children for their examinations. Contact us

Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-kee’) is commonly perceived to be a form of spiritual healing. How does a certified Reiki healer help students, lets understand this better? What does exam healing mean?

When exams are around the corner or during the exams, parents are hyperventilating as their kids either don’t show any interest in the studies, have poor sitting capacity, can’t concentrate, if they sit for studies they are not able to devote the time and if they pick the books they just fall asleep.

A Reiki infinite healer can help such students. There are several chakras which cause specific issues that a student goes through, while in stress there are many symptoms. Reiki master healer helps in attacking these issues helping the students to perform to his / her best capacity.

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Certain chakras which are worked on are –

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Reiki healers can provide energy to the entire examination hall to reduce disturbances during writing exams.

Reiki can be given to all the instruments which are used for writing the exam – pen, pencil, calculator. Reiki before the exam helps in eliminating panic situations.

RegRegular pep up reiki is necessary especially for students at adolescent stage, the silent confidence and consistent energy boost gives the confidence and inner peace. Certified Reiki healers also offer personalized reiki for students as energy levels needed for each body is different.

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Need help for your children for their examinations. Contact us

A client who had taken reiki healing for his daughter's board exam stress, writes this of his experience,

” When my daughter was in 10th grade, by Dec my wife and I realised that her focus was not her studies,  she was extremely distracted by social media and her friends. She is an intelligent girl, but I think she became a little overconfident of her studies,  and decided that she did not work too much for her exams. With 3 months to go for her exams, we got worried and also realised that somewhere she was under exam stress. I read this article on how reiki energy healing helps students during exams, so I approached healclinic whom I found on facebook. Honestly I was not too sure, but after speaking to their counselor, I felt quite confident that they can help. They created a 3 month reiki healing plan for my daughter which covered her study period and her exams period. .

She was given a distant Reiki healing session and my daughter or any of us did not have to sit in one place when Reiki was given. The healer would give her a reiki healing session daily and we were constantly in touch with the healer through whatsapp. Over the next few weeks we found my daughter's focus and discipline coming back. She became  relaxed about her exam stress. I am still not sure how reiki healing worked, but those 3 months she studied, and the best part of the healing was that any other issues that my daughter had whether not feeling well, or being disturbed by some emotion was taken care of.

Based on my experience, I went back to healclinic in her 11th and 12th grades too and was not disappointed. I am extremely happy with the results, and recently I myself got attuned to reiki level 1 and 2 through healclinic. The reason I like healclinic was that they have healers who do different healing and depending on what I needed they created the plan accordingly.”

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