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Accessing Akashic Records

Akashic Records Reading takes place on the 6th plane, the plane of the Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters.  With the right intention and prayer, the keepers of the Records provide access to ours and those of others in a safe and uplifting manner. These records are described as a complete universal record of every thought, deed, action and emotion that has ever occurred, or for that matter, will ever occur.

While, it is not essential to dig into our past- at times past life can give us an insight into our recurring problems, themes, and issues. An important point to remember is that it is not just the negatives- the reading also shows us our talents and life purpose. The gentle energy provides clarity and guides us to aspects that are essential for growth.

For example, for one of the clients an empty table was shown and along the way it got clear that she wasn’t writing as much as she wanted too. For another client, who was going through a disturbing situation, a relaxing meditation was shown. One client was shown through a couple of lifetimes of being tortured in royalty and hence she shunned material gains. Yet another was shown the creative field is where she ought to focus as that is her gift to the world.

One of a fascinating aspects of the Reading is that Healing also happens during the Reading. A client with a troubled relation saw things shifting as the Healing had already begun in the Reading itself. As it is often said that if something is coming up- it is ready to be healed. It is then in our hands to do the needful.

We are often asked about the difference between PLR (Past Life Regression) and Akashic Records. The main being that in PLR, the client is guided by the healer into their past lives; whereas, in the Akashic Records, the Healer enters the Records guided by the Masters, and describes what is being shown. Also, the Records show the client’s state of mind, their inclinations and at times a peek into the future too. Therefore, it is much more than one’s Past-life. What is essential to the client is given access, what they need to know at that point of time which can help them move forward or heal a blockage is what is shown to them.

Watch our healer explain Akashik Readings

In an Akashik Reading, we don’t dwell on the future, as it is to do more with the past. However, it does provide an indication of the future akin to Tarot and Theta Healing. Akashic Records Reading is a great tool for those who want to understand themselves- their purpose, talents, life themes, current problems- then the Records beckon thee.

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Past life memories are like the autobiography of your eternal soul, personal stories that explain who you are now and why you’re here on earth.

There are many myths and misconecptions surrounding PLR, and people have formed their opinions based on the many TV programs and how it is depicted in the movies.

So what exactly is PLR, or why should anybody go for one.

What issues can be resolved through PLR? What is involved in a PLR session?

We understand that when we make a choice, it has a consequence. But do you know that the consequences can be over live times. Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy helps you understand and resolve patterns, behaviors, habits or beliefs that may have originated sometime earlier in this life or even before this life

PLR works very well in uncovering the Why’s of your phobias, fears, anxiety, belief patterns, habits, physical illness and emotions. It can help you understand why certain relations are strained or not a per how you would want them to be. Why do you have some habits which you find it very difficult to break.

Once you understand the reasons and become aware of the Why’s, it becomes easier to handle them and heal them.

Once we decide to go for a PLR session, the next question that bothers us  is “Will this work for me?”  Remember, PLR session is like reading a book or watching a movie. It is upto you how much you allow yourself to get into the flow or involved with the characters. A few tips to remember while going in for a PLR session,

The more relaxed and open you are, the most effective the session will be. PLR sessions have helped people resolve some of their biggest issues.

Read how a young boy was helped in resolved in a heart ailment through PLR

Akashic Records is another modality that gives you a peep into your previous life times and identify your patterns and beliefs. Read what is Akashic records and how is it different from PLR 

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Suneeta has her own training and development consultancy which she has been running very successfully for the last couple of years. Recently she was offered a new project which she was not very sure in executing. She refused the project but still the client company was very keen to have her run that program for them.

They gave her a month to think about it. It was a very confusing time for her as she liked the project but her issue was the person from the client organisation with whom she would have to work with, as the two of them did not get along with each other at least she believed so.

She took advise from a couple of people and got mixed responses which confused her further. The deadline to respond was coming closer and she was still not any closer to reaching a decision.

Then she came across an article on “Akashic Record” as a modality on LinkedIn which stated how an Akashic reading can help in identifying your patterns which rule your life and move you towards your life purpose. She decided to check her records and see if it can help her overall in life. She contacted healclinic.in and an online akashic record session was arranged.

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The session lasted for nearly 2 hours. In that session lot of topics came up regarding her life. The readings also showed images connecting to the project which were women-related and how her energy was required there as it led to her life purpose. Based on the outcome of the reading, she decided to go ahead with the project.

The project was executed successfully and at the end of the project Suneeta realised that there was a very special reason for her to take up the project. As she met her spiritual guide during this program and who in the last one year has had a profound effect on her.

Typically, we all think that energy healing, tarot card readings, akashic readings, angelic healings all –

But there is always a higher purpose to what we do which we realise after the situation is over or sometimes don’t even realise what the purpose was till much later.

This is exactly what happened with Suneeta, who at the end of the project realised why she did the project. The reading had given her a good indication as to what she should do, but most importantly she had decided to act on it.

Please note that the practitioner doing the reading is only a medium, as Dr Chaitanya says, “I don’t make the decisions for you, the reading indicates certain things which the client interprets and decides. Finally, the client has to make the decision and take responsibility for their actions.”

She put in the effort to get direction and take action, what are you struggling with? Call us at 8050003237 We offer online treatment plans, so you save time on travel.

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