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Integrated healing for family relationship

As part of our #Wellnessstories, a client who was having issues in her married life/family relationship approached us for help. Our counselor understood her challenges and as a person what she would be comfortable for. Below is her journey with us. Disclaimer: Healing never guarantees that a relationship will work out positively, but yes you will […]
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Soul's journey through Redikall Game 🌸

Recently we played a Snakes and Ladder Game based on Redikall Healing. Topic was 'Karmic Healing of Ancestors" It was a group session where we had a snakes and ladders board game divided into 7 parts where each part represented 1 chakra from root to crown. The aim of the game is to start at […]
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Art Therapy in Perspective: Beyond the Drawings and Colours

Whats in this article? History and development What is Art Therapy Health Issues treated by Art Therapy When is Art Therapy used What to expect in a session Techniques and Exercises Where do Art Therapists Work Benefits of Art Therapy History and Development Art has always been used as a means of communication, self-expression, group interaction, […]
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Reiki Healing : Myths and Facts

Though Reiki is one of the most popular healing therapies, there are myths surrounding it. Many of us view reiki healing as some sort of non-scientific treatment. Some even go to the extent of seeing this as a magic and expect immediate results; that a reiki healer sends energy from one end and results would […]
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