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7 Myths about meditation: How easy or difficult is meditation?

Healclinic Team
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Aug 25

Meditation is an excellent stress buster, but it scares us away. There are many myths around meditation, some of the objections which people often have to meditation,

  • I would love to but I don’t have enough time to meditate
  • I simply cannot quieten my mind, it is too much of an effort
  • I have tried but I did not transcend or have the profound experiences that I am supposed to have, so what’s the point
  • My religion does not allow meditation
  • I am happy with my life, don’t want to attain moksha
  • I am yet to find a master who can teach me meditation
  • I will have to find a special place or go to a temple to meditate

Lets see where do people generally meditate, 

Let me tell you upfront that all of the above is not true of meditation, especially for the beginners when we are looking at it as a means to relax and calm our stressed mind and body.

All you need is a few minutes a day and you can do it anywhere anytime.  Lets look at 4 easy meditation techniques for beginners,

  1. The simplest form of meditation is to sit still for a few minutes and concentrate on your breath. That’s it, just concentrate on your inhales and exhales. Don’t worry about the thoughts that come into your mind, let them flow. As soon as you feel distracted get your attention back to the breath. You can do this even for 1 minute a day while travelling, in between meetings, while walking, or anytime you have a few minutes to spare.
  2. If concentrating on the breadth is difficult for you, chant. Chant any mantra or a word that you believe in. Just chant it for 11/15/21 any number of times that you feel comfortable.
  3. Sit and observe your thoughts which wander in your mind. Don’t get attached to any thought, simple observe as each thought comes and goes.

If you find all of the above difficult then,

  1. Simply sit without doing anything or any gadgets. If you feel you can only sit for 10 minutes or even 5 minutes, and not 25 or 30, then go with that. You don’t have to meditate, just get into a meditative posture daily for a few minutes and sit silently.

You do all or any of the above regularly you will find that slowly

  • Your physical and mental resistance to meditation goes away
  • Your ability to sit in one place increases and you can do the practise for a longer time
  • Your ability to handle stress increases
  • You start responding to people and situations instead of reacting

Meditation is a very powerful tool, which can be life altering over a period of time. You have your own meditation routine, share it in comments so others can learn from it.

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