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Yoga for PCOS: Back to health through yoga therapy

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Aug 26

PCOS is a very common health challenge amongst women and the most untreated. Why most untreated, well there are many reasons, primarily because talking about periods is not something that women are comfortable doing openly, hence they do not know where or to whom to go to for help. To regulate the menstrual cycle, the doctor generally recommends a combination of birth control pills — pills that contain both estrogen and progestin. (Ref: Mayo Clinic) But you can get an effective treatment with yoga for PCOS.

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For all those who don’t want to go through the tablets and allopathic treatment, there are various other options available in alternative therapies like yoga for irregular periods and pcos, naturopathy etc which help you regularise periods, deal with the pain and in some cases also deal positively with infertility. Yoga is one such alternate route which can help women with PCOS very effectively.

Sushma, a 30 year old woman diagnosed with PCOS went through customised yoga sessions and had this to say,

“When I started facing the problem of irregular periods, I was afraid [pretty natural]. Adding to my fear, I was told I have PCOS. Until then I had never heard about it and got really worried if I could ever recover from this.

I started taking the pills suggested by the doctor, but then those have their own side effects.

The doctor only suggested that I go for Yoga for pcos weight loss and  said that only that can eradicate my issue from its roots.

I was facing problems of irregular periods and was diagnosed with PCOS. I started yoga and in a span of 2 months I reduced almost 6-7 kgs which I couldn’t have imagined otherwise. Also, weight being the major contributor to my problem I saw positive change there as well.

Initially I was too hesitant to stop taking pills, thinking it might get back my problem of untimely periods but soon I got the confidence and yes I observed that those exercises not only helped in shedding the extra kilos but also cured my issue with my periods. Today thanks to Yoga for PCOS I am leading a healthy life, and best of all no side effects.”

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Need help with PCOS/PCOD, talk to our counselor and decide which therapy best works for you. We offer various therapies for you to choose from.

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