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Yoga and Exams

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Aug 26

Yoga is a way of life. Todays academic pressure and stress put on by parents, teachers and peers lead to children having problems with memory,  concentration, focus and other related issues. We get many enquiries from parents asking to help their children especially during exams. They want simple solutions to overcome these problems.

Alternative therapies help in such cases with wonderful results. And yoga is one of the therapies.

Just as children go to school to be educated and to increase their knowledge/intellect, practicing yoga helps to increase their capacity to learn and retain more

Yoga is not just a physical or spiritual practice, but as tradition says it is a subject for dealing with mind. Many a times children find it difficult to concentrate or focus and remember things, and even after putting lot of efforts with lot of confidence they become blank in the examination hall. Through yoga, they can find a solution for these.

Some of the questions, which the children ask frequently,

  • How to memorise?
  • How to remember what we have studied?
  • How to face exam without getting nervous?

Some of the techniques offered in yoga are are suryanamaskar, pranayama  trataka and relaxation techniques.

Lets look at a few of them,

Suryanamaskar: is done to improve the circulation of blood to energise the different parts and organs of the body and to control the breath.

Pranayama: breath is the bridge between body and mind. Pranayama helps in regulating the breathing as a result mind calms down and efficiency will increase.

Trataka: is eye exercise which when regularly practiced, improves memory and concentration. In a couple of days you will find that you are able to retain whatever you have read more easily.

Relaxation: is not watching tv, going for a walk, listening to music, chatting with friends etc. In yoga there are different relaxation techniques where by doing this the awareness increases and you will have a clarity, there will be no conflict, muscle tension is released and your efficiency in studies will increase.

I would like to say to all children, who have exams coming up, please make yoga as a habit. Practicing yoga under proper guidance can greatly help you with your studies. Ex if you are studying one chapter in one hour with regular practice of yoga, it can be completed in half an hour.

Think of yoga as a way to improve and develop the strength and quality of the brain and mind.

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