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Integrated healing for family relationship

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Aug 25

As part of our #Wellnessstories, a client who was having issues in her married life/family relationship approached us for help. Our counselor understood her challenges and as a person what she would be comfortable for. Below is her journey with us.

Disclaimer: Healing never guarantees that a relationship will work out positively, but yes you will see things moving in some direction.

A 41 year old female was going through a bad patch in her married life, and unable to decide if she wanted to end her marriage or not. Lot of her childhood insecurities and financial fears played a role in her indecisiveness. When she approached healclinic, we did a 2 pronged approach. We started her healing with theta healing sessions which helped her in identifying beliefs around love, partnership, finances and societal pressures. Post which we moved her to a 5 month reiki plan.

In her words,

“I was sceptical as I had never experienced healing before. The 3 theta healing sessions were good as it helped me understand where I was coming from and why I had the fears that I had. However I could not implement the action plan that came out of those sessions. But when we started the reiki healing, things moved really fast for me. I had not realised that theta sessions had opened me up to receiving healing the way I was and since I had already identified areas to work on, it became easier for me.

After 2 months of healing and counselling I found the courage to have a conversation with my partner which I have never had before.  Just having that conversation was such a relief for me and I felt that I had finally started taking ownership of my life. I found the courage to start working on my family relationship the way I wanted to.

As a result of the conversation, my partner for the first time realised where he was going wrong and agreed to most of what I said. Post which we started working together on our married life. I would not say it was magic and everything happened quickly but yes with the healing things started falling in place for me and gave me the courage to take actions which I did not before. It’s been a year since I took the healing, and thanks to the sessions my family life is back on track.”

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Healing can be done for any area of your life. Different forms of healing work differently and help a person for their highest good. At times the change is tangible but most of the times the immediate change is intangible and hence people feel that healing has not helped. But over a period of time, they start seeing the difference, especially if you take action towards what has been guided during the sessions.  If you wish to get healing done, contact us at +91 8050003237

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