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The journey was amazing..It was all about how a one degree shift in our thoughts and awareness create such huge changes in our life..Right from meditation, to daily guidance through a reading and journaling ... Everything had a beautiful impact on life... So much awareness came...There was an amazing handholding by Eshanye, the facilitator and the activities and sharing in zoom every week was awesome and fun-filled...

I strongly recommend people to join this workshop and explore and experience yourself the wonderful journey that we are set on.

Thank you so much Eshanye and Deepti for designing and sharing this with us through this workshop.🙏

Thank you Daisy and Deepti for this wonderful program. It has been a profound experience.
Initially i was unsure if i should do this program and on the morning of day 1 , I woke up and decided to just go with the flow and signed up.

The first few days were difficult, I couldn't set my intention, with Daisy's help I was able to set my intention. It took a few more days to get into my rhythm because I was facing some resistance. Once I was able to let go of that resistance things started to flow. Over the next few days many IC's came up and I was able to address them(Thank you Eshanye). I've experienced many positive changes which aligns with my intention in the last 4 weeks and I'm grateful for this experience. Thank you.

What's very special about Neelu's workshops is that it is all relatable.' Guide to Clairvoyance ' was no exception. Exploring, developing and acknowledging the gifts ,that we are all endowed with, under the guidance of a gentle Master like Neelu is a fantastic experience!🙏
Thank you Deepti, for making this possible. 🙏

I had a very lovely experience with Meenakshi got much more clarity on myself and my career option through her Graphotheraphy..I felt she overdelivers the value of service for amount which we paid.

I loved the Redikal game to 'manifest possibilities and opportunities in 2023'. Eshanye's interpretation and the reading she does at the end is absolutely bang on. In my case, it has been pretty consistent as well, which means i still have some more work to do.
Looking forward to joining the next game..

I have been a part of lots of workshops with Heal Clinic.Its been a wonderful learning journey with all the various topics and therapists.
Thank you Deepti for your wonderful passion for this work.
Wishing you lots of success.

During the money workshop Eshanye taught us how to manifest . Looking back at the last two months I'm realising I'm manifesting things easily. Once I set the intention , things flow to me. Not immediately but a couple of weeks or a month down the line. It's magical.

A great empowering workshop which shatters your hindering beliefs about money and abundance and sets you free to manifest your desires. Must do this Worksop at least once in your life. Esha is a great healer and teacher. I have learnt to take control of my life and new opportunities have finally opened up for me!

Hi all...i m bhoomi,i attended one of the workshop taken by Anita on how to communicate with your pets..plants...nature...i m new to this but having deep desire to actually talk and understand them...and want to connect with them...Anita is having lots of Knowledge n experience in this area....she asked us to do all practical...i swear you guys u ll be able to connect...when u know how to do...by practice and gradually u ll become master in that art of connect ing with everyone....i learnt so much new things in this workshop which I dnt have clue about omg wat is that.....Thnkyou so much for sharing all your beautiful insights and wisdom with us....it's worth spending n doing workshop if u are really serious about getting authentic learning and all deep knowledge...My heartful gratitude for teaching us all knowledge,....Thnks a lot to healclinic for organizing such an amazing n awesome workshops.

This is an amazing course to help you dig deeper and work on your beliefs, fears, health and even your relationship struggles. I’ll never stop being amazed at how SIMPLE this is! In the last one month of doing all three levels of Theta Healing Workshops – Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper – it is safe to say that my life has changed drastically! I’m more confident as a person, my life is full of hope and possibilities now.. I am so grateful to have met Ruchi, as have her as my guide. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m so thrilled I’m a Theta Healer now.  Thank you Ruchi for able hand holding, and being such a patient, compassionate and loving guide.

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