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Red Flags that you should change your therapist

Healclinic Team
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Feb 24

Everyone has heard stories from others or experienced themselves some funny, some horror or some unpleasant moments with their therapist or healer.

If you are new to therapy or looking for a new therapist it is natural to be concerned about choosing the right therapist. There is no easy answer to this question and at times you go through a couple of therapists before coming across the right one for you. And that does not make the previous ones bad, just that your energies resonate with this one.

But, yes it is important to keep certain points in mind, when looking for a therapist or during a session, especially as more and more people become therapists and healers. Why is it important? Because we at healclinic are experiencing an increase in the number of people who are being fooled or not being helped in the right way.

Based on our experiences, penning down some of the red flags (not exhaustive solely based on our experience) are as follows,

  • The therapist is not certified
  • The therapist is unprofessional in terms of dressing, clinic hygiene, conversations
  • The therapist talks about anything and everything in your session but your issue
  • The therapist makes promises or guarantees that you will be cured
  • The therapist is judgmental and makes fun of your challenges and emotions
  • The therapist forces his / her opinion on you of what you should be doing or not doing
  • The therapist shares confidential information about other clients
  • The therapist asks for inappropriate photographs / has inappropriate conversations
  • The therapist asks you for help / money for their personal use
  • The therapist encourages you to meet them outside of the therapy sessions
  • The therapist encourages your dependence on them instead of empowering you
  • The therapist keeps saying yes and agrees to everything that you say
  • The therapist does not accept feedback from you kindly
  • The therapist victimises, shames or puts you in guilt for your actions and behaviour
  • The therapist keeps recommending their friend therapist sessions / workshops
  • The therapist is distracted with phone, laptop or something else during your sessions
  • The therapist keeps mixing your details with some other clients
  • The therapist talks too much or not at all
  • The therapist makes a decision for you, or forces you to follow a certain plan of action

Hope this helps. You can make your own list of what works for you, when you go to a therapist. Because remember your wellness is in your hands and the right therapist or a healer can do wonders with their guidance and tools at their disposal when used right.

Please add in comment if you have experienced other red flags, which people need to be mindful of while choosing a therapist / healer.

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