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How I changed my professional career through a reading?

Healclinic Team
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Aug 25

What happens when someone you know your friend, family or professional connection is not doing well in his / her job or business.

The options are limited –

  • The person becomes depressed, lonely and stops all communication with his social connects
  • He is lucky to get a mentor who can guide and help him through the entire journey till he starts doing well again
  • Person goes for counselling/coaching

Ahmed (name changed) had been doing very poorly in his professional career. Despite being a brilliant student all his academic life, he was a mediocre performer in his professional life.

In the past decade, he had worked in 8 companies and couldn’t hold a job. He was working in Bangalore away from his family and relatives; he was already showing signs of depression.

His manager Rahul had been observing him for last couple of days and felt that things are just not right with Ahmed. Rahul a strong believer in alternate healing, knew the power of the same and had used the services of healclinic himself. He recommended Ahmed to get an understanding of his chakra ecosystem.

With a lot of hesitation, Ahmed looked up healclinic.in and called them, he was connected to a counsellor and presented his problems. The healclinic counsellor understood his challenges and arranged for a professional reading session

The healer spoke to Ahmed on phone, understood his issues and asked him specific questions for which he was seeking answers. Based on this, she channeled a reading for him. What came out in the reading is that his throat chakra was blocked and hence he couldn’t say NO to anything or anybody. He used to say yes to every job and then could never deliver. This was due to a belief which was ingrained in him during his childhood days that you can be successful only if you say “yes” and never say “no”. The reading also pointed out professional areas where he could work well and which were in line with his personality. This gave him the confidence in his professional life.

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Ahmed shared the report with his manager and with his help, he is now working on converting his yes’s to No’s. Basically he is working on his areas of strengths and with the new confidence learning to be assertive.

In Ahmed’s words “Bhavna and healclinic have transformed my life and made me successful. I could have ended up becoming a nervous wreck. It is not that the reading predicted my future, which is the biggest misconception which I had. It showed me possibilities and most importantly gave me the confidence in myself and a direction to work towards. The best part I did not have to travel as the reading happened over phone and email. When people ask me how much did the reading cost, I say, there is no value I can put on the reading, as it changed my whole life.”

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