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How does Reiki work as an energy channel?

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Aug 25

Very often we are asked how does reiki a form of energy healing work, and people tend to get confused when we speak about universal energy. Below we have explained with the help of everyday analogy what is Reiki and how does it work.

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed”. This Einsteinium principle of energy conservation is well-known. Energy, is an abstract yet conscious principle. It can be perceived through the objects it affects/pervades or illumines. This concept is well proven according to modern science. A similar principle exists in spiritual science, illustrated as Consciousness, called Chetana in Sanskrit. This Chetana is all-pervading and eternal. In its light/energy all objects (including our body is perceived).

For better understanding we can consider sun light as an example. Sunlight which illumines the whole world and in its light/prakasha all worldly objects are viewed. But to view sunlight also we need the same; similarly consciousness which I will tag as Self henceforth, is self illumined. This reflects as the micro/individual as well as macro cosmos/universe and we see ourselves and also the world in its presence only. But yet we cannot see Self from our eyes, but only perceive it through the actions of individual bodies and the universe as a whole.

The abstract nature of Energy which is a prime concept in all material as meta physical philosophies, can be defined with another instance as Electricity. The presence of Electric current can be evident when the bulb glows; otherwise not perceived by naked eyes. Reiki, an alternate healing therapy works on this energy principle. In this therapeutic healing, the energy as stated above is perceived by a trained Reiki master, who identifies the energy imbalance in the patient and his individual organs.

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To be able to perceive and experience this abstract yet active life energy one should be him/herself attuned by a qualified Master. This is similar to a transmitter in physical sciences which can detect, amplify energy waves of certain frequencies and wavelengths only. So also, a reiki healer who is attuned and linked to the universal source energy by the Masters’ energy loop, serves as a channel for easy flow of life energy, chi, through the body. This helps in healing of illnesses which are caused due to disharmony in the life energy, chi, in organs.

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As energy can be transmitted from one place to other through proper conductors connected across, even to distant places; healing through efficient channelizing of Reiki energy for distant remedies is also possible. More on distant healing will be discussed in further articles.

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