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Healing of ADHD through Meditation

Healclinic Team
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Aug 26

Meditation is said to have originated in India about 3000 years ago and has proved to be considerably effective in ADHD and many other psychological conditions. According to Davis (1998) Meditation is a set of attentional practices leading to an altered state or trait of consciousness characterized by expanded awareness and integrated self.  There are different meditation types viz., Insight meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Vipasana, Qigong, Anapanasathi, Zen, Chun Do Sup Bup.

Anciently meditation has been associated with religious and spiritual terms. This provides the foundation for their evolution and development. Practically this should not deter modern day application by compartmentalizing and restricting its usage to specific sects or groups. It is a time tested developed knowledge which had been proved to be effective, as explained in ancient Yogic treatises. However, modern day organizations are using less spiritual and mystic terms in imparting this magnificent knowledge for the benefit of humanity globally.

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The modern meditational methods like Concentrative meditation which includes Transcendental meditation and Relaxation response widely  practiced in the west as well as the Mindfulness meditation which emphasizes on opening awareness of the individual to the emerging contents of the mind; all are based on the principles of Yoga. The Dharana(Focusing), Dhyana(De-focusing meditation) and Samadhi(super-consciousness) similar to transcending consciousness have been propounded thousands of years ago. The wandering mind which in its grossest form preoccupied by random thoughts is brought to concentration by focusing on objects, colours, light or pleasant ideas is then focused in Dharana; after much practice it can ascend to Dhyana which is the actual meditation state, akin to mindfulness state where mind is trained to decondition its previous patterns of reaction to different forms of stimuli. As one attains this state and can sustain here for prolonged durations he can progress to the final eighth limb of Ashtanga yoga, Samadhi state analogous to Transcendentalism.

Yoga being the union of two poles of energy within an individual; aims at balancing and achieving homeostasis by Union rather than partition. Just as excess fat accumulates and blocks blood flow in the vessels, so does impurities from wrong life style clog the flow of energy/prana in the nadis which result in decreased energy manifestations. Yoga tries to make changes in the subtle energy field at pranic levels, so as to correct the gross manifestations in the body as ailments. Influxes of the mind can be controlled by pranic restraint and vice versa has been verified centuries ago. We have to only practice these deep-rooted strategies with immaculate faith to attain disease free, healthier, and blissful lives.

However, attention is to be taken in practicing this under strict observance of instructions by the Guru, failing which there is risk of release of kundalini energy in the blocked nadis leading to adverse effects.

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