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Suresh Kumar Mahabal

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Jayanagar, Bangalore
22 Years of Experience
25+ Years Experience
English, Hindi, Kannada
My journey began in 1994 by learning Reiki-I level, which led me to further learnings in Silva Mind Control Method, Hypnosis, NLP, Past Life Regression and many more connected modalities of mental wellness and coaching. I started by sharing these learnings with my relatives and friends and then moved to becoming a professional along with my employment. I finally left my overseas employment, settled in Bengaluru and began full time practice. Since then I have been doing personal sessions and group trainings.
About Healer Suresh Kumar Mahabal
There’s an inner peace & truth which is ever present but dormant in ourselves waiting to express and live it. Unfortunately, our current reality is overwhelming and keeps this completely out of reach. Establishing the connect is the primary focus of his approach and this brings out the best of his clients to live a fulfilled life, just like he experienced it when he had learnt these modalities. He focuses more on what one can do for self rather than handling the external environment.
Therapies Offered
  • Access Bars
  • Access Body Processes
  • Access Consciousness
  • Astrology
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Reiki
  • Space Clearing
  • Tarot Card
Issues Focused
Anger Management, Anxiety, Belief Work, Business Related Issues, Counseling, Emotional Well-being, Goal Setting, Improve Self Confidence, Monthly Predictions, Stress, Property Healing / Clearing, Yearly Predictions, Animal Healing, Physical Well-being, Space Scanning and Healing
  • Facilitator License for Access Consciousness for Access Bars and Access Facelift
  • Certified Practitioner for Access Consciousness Body Process
  • Certified Practitioner for Talk to Entities
  • Certified Practitioner for Space Energizing & Clearings
  • Silva Mind Control Method
  • NLP by Vidya Shankar/Steve G Jones/Vikram Dhar
  • Advanced Hypnotherapist by Steve G Jones
  • Past Life Regression Therapist training by Dr. Kondaveti Newton & Dr. Laxmi Newton Hyderabad
  • Reiki Mastership by Avinash Khilnani
  • KP Astrology by K S Hariharan & Andrew Dutta
  • Vedic Astrology by Diwakar Vashist
  • Tarot Card Training By Dr. Pooja
  • Bach Flower Therapy
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Success of bars and hypnosis. Today I got answer for all my questions and ambiguities.
Now feeling so light and excited about creating the future

Consulted for :Access Bars

Suresh Kumar sir did Reiki, a distant healing process on my request to my dad, there was a wound on my dad's leg, due to diabetes dad was suffering a lot and he was under observation, as Suresh sir started doing Reiki healing, dad's health started responding positively and now the wound is healed almost 60 %, it did a tremendous effect on my dad's speedy recovery. Thanks to you sir

Consulted for :Reiki for wound

I attended the psychic power and self hypnosis workshop conducted by Sureshji. Words cannot sufficiently describe my experience of that workshop. Sureshji showed us with ease what I always thought was the privilege of a blessed few. He demonstrated the presence of psychic powers dormant in all of us waiting to be discovered and nurtured. I should say life changed significantly for me there after. The way I look at my"self" and the way I look at the world around me has changed. The take-aways from this workshop have helped me build my own rituals/routines which includes a "conversation with the cosmos" every morning. My gratitude to Sureshji for this life-altering experience.

Consulted for :Psychic power and self hypnosis workshop

I was able to eat prawns without having side effects using access tools.that too after 20 yrs..thanks my teacher Suresh

Consulted for :Allergy
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