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Jagruty Sevak

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 264 ratings)
1st stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore, India
14 Years of Experience
18+ Years Experience
English, Hindi
I empower people through their own inner healing capabilities. As a reiki healer and teacher I work with people to understand themselves better and heal from their root.
About Healer Jagruty Sevak
As a reiki healer she empowers people to heal themselves and learn to understand themselves better As a Crystal Therapist she recommends and gives energized crystal bracelets, pendants, pyramids, tumbles and more As a Reiki Teacher she has attuned 100's of students.
Therapies Offered
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Reiki
Issues Focused
Allergies, Anger Management, Concentration Issues, Depression, Emotional Issues, Goal Setting, Imbalance Of Chakra, Insomnia, Stress, Tension, Thyroid, Animal Healing, Business Related Issues, General Wellness, Menstrual Related Diseases
  • Reiki Grandmaster from Usui Shiki Ryoho
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Jagruty listens to concerns of others, is interested in healing others and takes personal care in suggesting affirmations for wellbeing. Though was unable to relate to the issues I had mentioned and couldn't provide much healing related to it. I received support by regular calls on weekends about my status. With reiki I could experience calming effect, with effort was able to keep balance and make some progress on pending tasks.

Consulted for :Studies

The healing was really beneficial to my 7 month puppy Simba, while he was in training and away from us. It helped with his separation anxiety. Though we have still long ways to go as he is still a puppy. This was a good start and I would consider Reiki again for him in the future.

Rashmika Ravindran
Consulted for :Pet healing

After struggling with anxiety, depression & related symptoms for years, I was introduced to Jagruty by my physician. By that point, I'd tried almost everything else. Meeting Jagruty was a game changer for me. I walked out of her first healing session with a smile on my face-and haven't looked back since. Jagruty is an incredibly powerful healer, reiki teacher and guide. I recommend her to anyone who feels like they have lost hope and are genuinely looking for healing and guidance to transform their lives.

Priyanka T
Consulted for :Reiki, healing, crystals

Consulted for heal pain ,learnt level 1 .It was not only heal pain but overall body purification , detoxification , confidence and positivity was felt within a short period of time .After doing Level 2 I could see so much difference in my approach towards my work , wanting to learn more from my field and able to manage all the tough situations through Reiki .A big thanks to Healclinic for introducing me to Reiki and Ms.Jagruthy who has taken me to entirely different level .Her patience to answer all the queries in much much commendable . Thanks Jagruti mam for everything.

Vidya Viswanath
Consulted for :Heal pain

Jagruty is an amazing human being. Every time we spoke she used to give suggestions that would immensely help. I am so very grateful and thankful to her for my healing. There is a shift in my energy that I can really feel now. Thank you Jagruty.

Consulted for : Anxiety, healing
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