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Anita Vallala

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Ambarnath, Thane
8 Years of Experience
10+ Years Experience
My purpose is to offer my skills in the areas of telepathic communication, divination and empower people to be a part of this changing world and experience this beautiful world through renewed perspectives and energies.
About Healer Anita Vallala
She finds her calling to be an instrument in guiding people by facilitating workshops on "Nature and Animal Communication" for adults and children and also in Tarot Reading and Sigil Magick. She has a special interest in Ocean Conservation, Sustainable Leadership, Sacred Geometry, Plant medicine and meditation, Divination and Myscticism.
Therapies Offered
  • Animal and Nature Communication
  • Sigil Magick
  • Tarot Card
Issues Focused
Animal Channeling, Animal Healing, Animal Communication, Pet Healing
  • Nature Communication Certification, from Sedona International School for Nature and Animal Communication
  • Pet Spirituality, one year certification from Sedona International School for Nature and Animal Communication
  • Pranic Healing Basic • Advanced • Psychotheraphy • Soul class • Arhatic Prep • Kriyashakti • Crystal Healing • Psychic Self Defence from World Pranic Healing Foundation
  • Tarot Reading from Nicholas Maddock, Australia and Leena Soni
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Hi all...i m bhoomi,i attended one of the workshop taken by Anita on how to communicate with your pets..plants...nature...i m new to this but having deep desire to actually talk and understand them...and want to connect with them...Anita is having lots of Knowledge n experience in this area....she asked us to do all practical...i swear you guys u ll be able to connect...when u know how to do...by practice and gradually u ll become master in that art of connect ing with everyone....i learnt so much new things in this workshop which I dnt have clue about omg wat is that.....Thnkyou so much for sharing all your beautiful insights and wisdom with us....it's worth spending n doing workshop if u are really serious about getting authentic learning and all deep knowledge...My heartful gratitude for teaching us all knowledge,....Thnks a lot to healclinic for organizing such an amazing n awesome workshops.

Bhoomi Agarwal
Consulted for :How to communicate with plants,animals, mountains

The session conducted by Anita based on communicating with nature and animals opened a whole new world for me. I realised that both plants and animals are so so highly evolved. We as humans are no where near close to them.
The way Anita connected with my labrador Bruno, and his messages resonated with many areas of my own life which I only knew. This made me feel even more stronger and determined to telepathically connect with animals and nature.
I got to learn so much from everyone's experience and observation and I am looking forward to hone my telepathic skills and attend more of these workshops.
Thank you so much 💜

Bhavna Rao
Consulted for :Attended a workshop by Anita

Anita helped me connect deeply with an issue I had and helped me reinforce my belief that we just have to listen well to Nature just as we do to people.🙂 It is evident that her guidance comes from a very generous heart. Thank you for the lovely experience.

Madhu Ram
Consulted for :Living in Harmony with Nature workshop
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