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Power of Gratitude

4 October, 2021
25 October, 2021
1100 INR
20 USD
Healer Deepti Arora (NLP Coach and Reiki Master)
About Power of Gratitude Event
This Workshop helps you go deeper within yourself to explore what gratitude means to you personally and increase your well-being by introducing it as a daily practice. Its a do at your own pace program.
Sign up for this program and make gratitude a part of your personality. It consists of exercises, meditations, sharing and discussion on Gratitude.
What previous participants say,
"loving it. She has so beautifully combined so many different things with the gratitude thread. It’s awesome ! Pure genius. Especially the meditations are so soothing and take you to another world"
"I felt blessed. And also next time I feel demotivated or dejected , I know I have this list to feel better and motivated. And also when I was writing. I felt there are so many small things that I felt grateful for, but somehow didn’t pay attention to those. It was an enriching experience"
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