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Emotional healing post Hysterectomy

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Aug 25

Sandhya (name changed on request) came to me one day with the following symptoms,

  • Insomnia
  • Constant mood swings
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue and low energy

When I started taking her case study, it came to light that 8 months back she had gone through a hysterectomy (removal of uterus) after a prolonged issue with her periods being irregular and other associated problems.

These days it is very common for doctors to recommend hysterectomy (removal of uterus). Infact it is one of the most common surgeries for women living in the United States and the instances are increasing in India too.

As per Sandhya, “I was advised to remove my uterus due to prolonged history of irregular periods, cramps, constant fatigue, anger issues and many other symptoms which indicated the necessity of the operation. I underwent the operation and felt like shit as removal of an organ, though internal, felt like a big part of me was missing. And post the operation it was not like I did not have any issues, as it led to other emotional relation issues.

No one really understood what I was going through. As per everyone now that the surgery was done in a few weeks I should have been back to normal.  So soon I learnt how to hide my symptoms from everyone at home. I would be on my feet inspite of being bone tired and learnt to cry when alone.”

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Hysterectomy is one of the many options if you have fibroids, (non cancerous tumors), excessively heavy periods or uterine prolapse (a dropped uterus). Depending on the severity of the issue, the surgery and the extent of the surgery is recommended. However very rarely are the side effects of after effects of the surgery discussed, especially the emotional part of removing an organ from the body.

She came to me when she could no longer sustain herself and felt utterly miserable. Being a Healer/Psychologist, the first thing I explained to her that, “Removal of uterus creates menopause kind of situation in the body, since you can no longer have periods. So I have to treat it like menopause in addition to a missing organ which your body is missing.” I gave her reiki healing for 3 months and it helped her settle down and accept herself as a whole person again.

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Reiki in this case was given more for the emotional alignment than other aspects, as that was the need of the hour. Over the months as Sandhya settled down emotionally so did her physical symptoms

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