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Distance healing method OR Visualization technique for Meditators

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Aug 26

Healing tip by Dr.Disha Ghosal

World over conflicts and fights are increasing. Unrest in the cities are on a rise. People are deviating from the path of peace and love. Our practitioner Dr Disha Ghosal believes that as healers we should come together and do our bit in healing the imbalances. Help calm the mob fury and bring about peace and harmony. Here is a message to all the healers and meditators to get together and use their gifts to heal the mobs of unrest and maintain the balance of peace and love.

Distance healing method OR Visualization technique for Meditators

1) Grounding: most of the healers have their personal kind of grounding technique like tree visualization, water flow visualization.
This grounding is very important because the energy that’s given to the Universe is at a high speed.

2)Affirmations that can be used
a)For highest good
b)Affirmation for people to take ownership for their actions and bring clarity in thoughts and actions
c)Heal Mother Earth

3) Post-healing does a gratitudinal prayer is necessary.Thanking Mother Earth, parents, teachers , self and anyone you feel connected to.

4) Frequency : I am personally sending healing every 15 minutes for 3 minutes each. Since MOB’s are dynamic and their energy keeps fluctuating, the frequency is the key to keeping the balance.

Please Note :
1) No footwear while healing

2)  Stop sending healing if u feel giddy, nausea, emotionally drained, mentally uncomfortable. This clearly shows that your grounding isn’t enough. Please reground if need be.

3) MOB mentality is fear based, Do remember : where fear exists love is disconnected. All healings should be love based.

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