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Deal with Depression: 1 in 8 women is suffering

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Aug 26

Statistics from WHO are staggering, nearly 350 million people around the world are depressed. 350 MILLION!! That’s nearly 5% of the world’s population. The statistics are much worse when it comes to women, 1 in every 8 woman is suffering from depression or would develop clinical depression in her lifetime. We lose nearly 800000 people to suicides due to depression every year. If these statistics does not jolt you awake then nothing will.

Jessica, aged 32 is a high powered executive, has always been a high achiever. She graduated with top honors in both school and college. She has very high standards for herself and can be very self-critical when she fails to meet them. She is slowly but surely breaking the glass ceiling in the otherwise male dominated company. At home, she is mother to two adorable girls aged 8 and 6 who are mirrors of their mum. Her husband is the city’s leading lawyers and their love story is the envy of the town. Her in-laws adore her and she is the apple of her parent’s eye. Jessica’s life is perfect and envious.

Not everything is as it seems. If you look closely you observe that the once ever smiling Jessica does not smile a lot, she has dark circles around her eyes. She, since a few months has not been able to concentrate on work and hence the company is on the verge of losing a major account. She gets irritated by her children quiet often and yesterday had slapped the elder one. Her in-laws too observe her lack of attention to them. Jessica’s husband has noticed changes as well. She’s shown little interest in sex and has had difficulties falling asleep at night. So, what is happening to Jessica???

We are bombarded with images of superwomen wherever we see, be it movies or television. Advertisements with women who not only take care of house and family but are also the perfect career women. Such visuals look great in reel life but reality is different.  Women are constantly pressurized to do it all, if they are stay at home moms taking care of their families; they are constantly taunted for lacking ambition and if women are career oriented they are pressurized into settling down and starting a family. This puts paramount pressure on a woman and under this kind of stress even the high and mighty crumble.

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Jessica was slowly failing to meet the impossibly high standard that she herself and the society put on her. She was slowly loosing the delicate balance between family and work. She felt that she was not giving time to her children and was constantly reminded about it. The final nail was when Jessica’s younger daughter fell ill, the “mommy please, don’t go to office, I need you here” became her undoing. Jessica had to attend office as she had an important meeting. Though she came early that day, the feeling of not being there when needed began to eat her up. She began to get depressed; she started to suffer from low self esteem and insomnia. Consequently her job began to suffer which gave rise to more problems and she started undervaluing herself. The usually upbeat Jessica would hardly smile she would be irritable and withdrawn. Jessica was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.Jessicas husband accidentally happened to spot her researching on the web the ways to commit suicide. This was the final straw, her husband and family intervened and immediately sought medical intervention. Jessica was diagnosed as being clinically depressed.  Six months on, she is better. She was immediately put on medications. Jessica still visits her psychiatrist once a week.

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Jessica’s story isn’t unique; if we look closely we will find Jessica in every corner. Women due to their anatomy are predisposed to depression. The hormonal changes that happen every month makes us especially vulnerable. The need of the hour is to talk about it, to communicate, to express ourselves. But we are busy hiding it. Mental illness like depression should not be brushed under the carpet, it has to be addressed. But there is hope. We are changing. Celebrities like Deepika Padukone have come out in the open about them combating depression; this has given the average woman more power to speak up. Also, we women have to stop pressuring ourselves into being perfect at all times. Sometimes it’s OK to let go and Breathe.

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