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Dolphin Healing Transmission is one of the unique opportunities for any living soul to experience the balance of water – the emotional and mental body in an individual.

Dolphins work both in ether (akashic space) just like Angels and in physical space to contribute to the ecological and energetic balance of the planet.

In order to do so, they also assist in raising vibrations of different individuals and helping them to be more in tune with their innermost expanded nature and create that in a physical reality.

Now you would wonder, how can they do so. The Dolphins work in the 6th and 7th plane of energies with the Universal law of Compassion, Unconditional love, Law of time, Law of Sacred geometry, Law of vibration , Law of sound and elements. They transmit a frequency of Unconditional love through sound and geometric structures that help in clearing ones deep emotional , mental blockages that affect one’s life in different ways.

To simplify it, everything is energy. A human field comprises of stuck patterns or dense energies of trauma, belief, oaths, vows, karmic structures from lifetimes and genetic lineages. This dense energetic patterns blocks them from manifesting or attracting what they truly are and can have. In more extreme cases, it starts reflecting as a physical, emotional, mental, financial, relationship or success disability or depression as well.

Dolphins help in identifying and clearing these blocks by going into the core of energy field and transmitting light and sound energies in a particular healing patterns that transforms the human energy field and opens it up to a larger possibility.

Everything is energy either light or dense in nature. Density blocks easy manifestation and flow of life. It blocks one from being truly joyful and being in the now. Dolphins comtribute beautifully to creating that space for an individual .

How do these transmissions work?

They can be done long distance for an individual and across time and space around the world. Two people don’t have to be necessarily connected to do these transmissions. They are done in person, online, over distance across time zones.

Who can benefit from them?
Everyone at each stage of life can benefit from them. Be it a sick person, or someone with relationship issues or financial or concentration issues or pregnancy or newborn, they work beautifully with everyone. As the objective is expansion and receive more light and allow Souls light to reflect better in each aspect of life. Even a joyful person can receive them and feel expanded.

I have done hundreds of transmissions across a spectrum of newborn, pregnant women, people in ICU , relationship issues, to expand people’s psychic and spiritual capacities, insomnia, fertility issues, wounds of abandonment, abuse wounds, self esteem issues, professional issues, financial blockages, intimacy issues, kidney and liver issues, heart problems, calcification in brain, muscle and joint problems over years, pcod, stress issues, family healings, bringing more harmony in relationships and life, expanding oneself spiritually and so on.

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I myself have healed a lot of Soul and physical trauma in the body which medical diagnosis could not attend to and heal.

How many sessions are recommended?

It all depends on the nature of problem and desire of an individual to expand.

Is the result very problem specific?

Yes and no. Sometimes what we feel is the problem is just a tiny reflection of deeper root. Dolphins work on the root issues. It also depends on the person’s ability to trust the process and allow it to happen and be willing to engage and expand.

Anything else that one should know?
Dolphins balance the water element in the body. An imbalance of water element reflects in multiple dimensions and ways of ones life and can lead to diseases as well. Our body and everything in Universe is made up of five elements and water is a major constituent in the physical and emotional body.

Dolphin Healing transmissions in no way substitute the medical advice or medical treatment as prescribed by your doctor’s. It’s an alternative method to support the process of expansion.

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