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Can tarot card reading help in the healing process?

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Aug 25

“About 3 months ago, I was feeling quite low. Things were not that great on the work front. Due to the constant worry about my career, I had niggling doubts about my capabilities and my self-belief. This led to a further downward spiral in my overall view of life. I was harbouring a pessimistic and gloomy world view and treated my colleagues and friends with skepticism. This pessimism also crept into my personal life and eroded my interactions with my family. I became irritable and frequently snapped at my wife and children. All this culminated into my deciding to finally seek professional help.

I got in touch with my friend Deepti who I knew had set up Healclinic and tarot card reading was one of the services. . She guided me to meet a tarot reader who is  registered with them  as a tarot reader. Initially I had some misgivings since I have had a slightly skeptical view of such esoteric tarot cards healing methods. Nevertheless, I decided to try it out, given that I had nothing to lose.

I was apprehensive since this was my first encounter with such a tarot card reader. However, the tarot reader welcomed me with a warm smile which put me at ease. The atmosphere within the room was very peaceful and the feeling of wellbeing was heightened by the soft chanting of slokas that was being played in the background.

She sensed my diffidence and reassured me that everything would be fine. She began the tarot reading session by sharing a personal example of how she had found a small flowering plant outside her house and had tended to the same, even when everyone else said that it would not flower. However, she persisted and visualised the plant as blooming, even when it was not. Sure enough, after a while the plant started blooming and this she quoted as a good example of how visualisation and positive vibes affect everything around us. We could use the same to enrich our lives and also those of our families and friends.

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As the tarot reading session progressed, she explained what tarot reading was about and that I should be open and share my thoughts in a spontaneous manner to derive the full benefits of the exercise. Gradually I began to loosen up and discovered that it was more a process of self-realisation that she was leading me to. Anjana made a few comments that startled me with their prescience and I realised that she did possess some intuitive power that made my thoughts accessible to her. This gave way to my feeling more at ease and confident to answer her questions about various issues that were troubling me and I started connecting with her.

The entire tarot reading session lasted about an hour and at the end of the session, I felt light-hearted and assured that my way ahead was clearer now than before. I had sought some answers from her and she had astutely managed to elicit the answers from myself! This I think is a great knack that all healers, medical or spiritual, need to have. I came away from the tarot reading session in a much more confident, relaxed and positive frame of mind and resolved to put the suggestions of hers to practice.

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Overall, I feel the session helped me to gain my confidence and cast away the self-doubt and pessimism that was pervading my intellect. I would strongly encourage readers who have similar issues to reach out to Anjana and heal clinic tarot reading centers for a very positive and encouraging experience.” – As told by a client

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