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Acupressure helped in reducing the Kidney damage.

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Aug 26

Kidney damage is normally irreversible, but alternate therapy can help in reducing the damage.

Dalbeer Singh, a businessman, had a history of hereditary diabetes and hypertension. He had fallen into the routine of taking the prescribed drugs recommended by his physician. He wasn’t obese or didn’t suffer from any other ailments, but did suffer from  stress which has become a part of urban lives.

A few months ago, in the middle of the night he woke up with severe sweating, and was completely drenched with sweat and his body was cold. He felt faint and had no energy to sit let alone walk. Dalbeer was rushed to the emergency of the nearest hospital, where he was hospitalised for a week. Doctors diagnosed that there was no major concern with his heart but his creatinine levels were fairly high. Healthy creatinine levels indicate good functioning of kidneys. Dalbeer’s kidneys were 75% damaged. Though the human body is capable of healing itself, regeneration of cells in the kidney is not possible. Hence medically it was possible only to restrict the damage but not reverse it.

A strict no protein diet was recommended with no sugar. Mr. Singh was now taking about 10-12 medicines a day and still was very frail. Friends and family came in to see him and wish him well. One of the friends while conversing happened to mention of a neighbour who benefited immensely from acupressure for a similar problem.

Since the conventional medicine has not given much hope other than being on medicines lifelong, he gave acupressure a shot as there was nothing to lose.  He met an acupressure therapist and gave him all the details of his case history. The physician studied the case in detail and designed a 3 month treatment plan which would work on getting his creatinine levels back to the normal range and other ailments would also stabilize.

Mr. Singh saw Acupressure therapist thrice a week for the first month, twice a week in the second month and once a week in the third month. Doctor gave Mr. Singh acupressure treatments on the palm of his hand and sometimes on the foot. He also recommended some lifestyle changes that included taking several natural diuretics which were easily available at home. For example, he was asked to use corn- hair for making an herbal tea, Epsom salt instead of the regular salt, a garlic clove first thing in the morning. All these changes were easy, as they are everyday things easily available in the house.

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Within a few first sessions, Mr. Singh showed signs of improvement. He gained strength and slowly his spirit to wellness also started to thrive. His regular medical check-ups signified changes that were almost miraculous. His creatinine levels came well within range and his treatment ended on a happy note. His sugar levels are in control and his hypertension dosage also has reduced. Lifestyle changes are a part of his life now, but it is less to complain when the benefits are so big.

Mr. Singh supports acupressure for his new life, a much better one, much healthier one. And he recommends acupressure to everyone now.

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