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Treating Infertility through Reiki

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Aug 26

Once while travelling in a train, our reiki healer had two other ladies to give her company. The ladies soon got chatting and were swappingtheir life stories. As is a human tendency that it is generally easy to talk about the ups and downs and personal stories with strangers than with known people.

Soon the conversation moved to family and kids. And realising that the first lady (Reena) even after 12 years of marriage did not have a kid, the second lady started cross-questioning her. She bombarded her with questions like, “kitne saal hue shadi ko, abhi tak bachcha nahi hua, ilaj kyun nahi karaye…..” (how long have you been married? How come you didn’t have kids? Why haven’t you showed to a doctor?”) After a prolonged questioning session which left Reena squirming and embarrassed, the second lady went to sleep.

In the healers words,
“Late into the night, I heard a slow sobbing sound coming from across Reena’s bed. I asked her what the matter was? And that is when she told me her whole story. She and her husband were undergoing treatment for the past 9 years from many famous hospitals, but in vain, without any results. She was also under tremendous pressure from the family to have a baby.

Being a reiki grandmaster, I knew that reiki could help her. So, I asked her about contacting a reiki practitioner in her area to get reiki healing, which could definitely help her. She had two concerns, first that she did not know any reiki healer, and secondly her family may not support her in this. Understanding her situation, I offered help. Reiki is as effective when done remotely as face to face.

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However, one principle of reiki healing is that it cannot be done free. So I suggested that I will do reiki healing for her, and as an energy exchange, she should help poor and needy children. She happily agreed as she did not have to go anywhere especially nor did she have to inform anyone in her family.

After the journey, I started healing her regularly, remotely. I checked her chakras and found that the reason for her not conceiving was that her hormonal levels were imbalanced and they needed healing. So I started giving regular healing for almost one month specifically to her hormonal system and reproductory system. A couple of months after healing, she called me and told that she has conceived and is in her third month of pregnancy.

There are so many cases where medical science which cannot give any desired result, there Reiki and the Divine succeeds.”

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