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Tarot card reading reunites the family

Healclinic Team
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Aug 25

In most people’s minds, “Tarot card reading” means a woman in flowing robes, leaning over a small table in a candlelit room, foretelling impending doom. But that’s not the truth.

Tarot originally began as a game called Tarrochi sometime in the late 14th century. But lately Tarot reading has become a powerful tool to understand your inner strengths and options where your career or personal life will shape up soon.

This is the story of a 40-year-old woman Karishma (name changed) who has been working as a government teacher in Shimoga. Her husband who is also a government employee lives with her along with 2 daughters. About 6 months back her husband got transferred to North Karnataka, it was a shock to them as her job was here and so was their extended family.

Karishma’s husband Amit was also unwilling to move but with a heavy heart joined the new post in North Karnataka. They managed the same for a couple of months but were really struggling.  Amit wanted to move back to Shimoga but as per government rules he needed to serve at least a year post which a mutual transfer could be a possibility.

One day she met one of her friends and updated her on her family situation. Her friend recommended contacting Healclinic, where they could possibly give them some direction with the help of a reading.  Karishma contacted healclinic and was suggested to try tarot card reading.

Karishma took an online tarot reading session with a senior Tarot Reader at healclinic.  She did the reading session and based on the session gave them switchwords and certain remedies which they needed to work on. Karishma and Amit started following the same religiously.

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Amit couldn’t believe himself when his request for the re transfer was approved in a few months, and he moved back to a location closer to his home.

In Karishma’s words “a big thanks to Healclinic team for guiding us to the correct path.”

When we spoke to our reader how this happened, she said, “The reading showed that his chances of staying with his family were clearly indicated on the cards. All she did was through switchwords made their intention positive and powerful and through the remedies helped align the environment to become more conducive to a positive outcome. Also there was an indication in the cards as to which person he should approach for his transfer, so that also worked in his favour.”

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Healclinic has tarot readers based in different locations. So if you are looking for reading in India or anywhere around the globe, we can help you as it is done online. Contact us

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