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Six things you can do for an effective tarot session

Healclinic Team
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Jul 20

We have found that when people schedule their tarot reading sessions, they are not very clear as to how to go about having an effective session or how much to disclose to the reader or how to get the most of a session.

So we asked our Tarot Reader Shweta Kapoor to throw some light on how clients can ensure that the reading sessions are effective and they get what they are looking for.

Here's what she has to say,

  • How accurate is Tarot Reading?
  • Can I trust the Tarot Reader?
  • I am scared that I will get too dependent on Tarot for my decisions, what should I do?

80% of people ask one or more of the above questions when they book or come for their first session. In this article I will tell you six things that you can do to get an effective session.

Tarot is a very personal, intuitive and healing experience. It uses our intuition to guide us to the unknown areas of our life. Each card in a tarot deck has an image that invokes emotions and feelings in us. The purpose of all sessions is to help you get clarity of thoughts by removing ambiguity. A great experience is the one where you discover more about yourself and get the confidence to change or create the life you want.

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Here are the six things that you should do to have a great tarot experience.

  • Research about the reader: The role of the reader is to help you ask relevant questions, keep your information confidential and provide practical remedies. Therefore, while booking a session you should look at the skills and experience of the Tarot reader. Is the reader certified in Tarot Reading? Is he/she a good communicator? What is his/her field of expertise? Does the reader have diverse views?
  • Be honest: Your tarot reader is not a mind reader. The quality of the reading depends on the information you give to the reader. If you give wrong information, you will get wrong answers. The best way is to give honest and transparent information. If the tarot reader asks clarifying questions, answer them with full honesty.
  • Treat tarot advice as a friend: The best way to look at any reading is to treat it as a suggestion from a friend. When you get suggestions from your friends, you may sometimes choose not to go with the suggestion. Similarly, you should look at tarot reading as one of the ways to discover yourself and gather information.
  • Be Proactive in getting a session: There is no good or bad time to get a reading. The more proactive you are in getting a session the more it will help you in achieving your goal. It is recommended that you get a reading at the first instance when you feel confused.
  • Ask questions: Most people think of only yes/no questions when they think of tarot. We believe that you have the power to change/create your destiny. To do so, you should ask more open-ended questions.
  • Look for implementable solutions: Tarot gives us implementable day-to-day solutions. For example, it  may advice you to upgrade your skill, talk to a specific person, or use your network to get your dream job.

Tarot Reading is a tool that can enable you to take charge of your life by uncovering your hidden potential.

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