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Reiki for stress relief: Bust the stress out of your life

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Aug 25

Stress is a normal part of our lives. However, exposure  for longer periods of time can have negative effects on our health. Long working hours, family obligations, financial issues etc can all lead to a high level of stress in our lives, which  eventually creates imbalances in our emotional, mental, and physical health. Therefore, it is essential to manage stress effectively to reduce its negative effect. This can be done through regularly exercising, yoga or techniques such as reiki for stress reduction. Let’s see how one of our patients has used reiki for stress relief.

In this big competitive world we live in, life has become so fast paced and cut throat that we hardly have the time to relax especially in the case of women. Take the example of Seema, a well educated mother of two with a doting high powered executive husband. It looks like she is living the dream life but Seema is highly stressed and often suffers from anxiety attacks.

Seema was a career focused woman before her marriage but post two kids  she took a break from her career and concentrated on her family. Seema believed that this was a right decision, but internally she was devastated. Seema had been a sensitive child who had grown up to be a sensitive adult, she felt worthless and a burden after meeting some of her colleagues who were successfully climbing the corporate ladder. She started suffering from low self-esteem and a feeling of inadequacy.
Her current life vis-a-vis previous life was on her mind constantly. The more she thought about it the more stressed out she became. She soon started suffering from difficulty in breathing, muscle contraction, and excessive sweating. These were all signs of panic attacks due to extreme stress. When adrenaline glands go into fight mode they release stress hormones which gives us extra energy to deal with or run away from a stressful situation. Imagine this happening on a regular basis, our adrenaline gland gets overworked, our system feels the pressure and fatigue sets in. This results in panic attacks and sometimes manifests itself into physical pain. This too happened with Seema; she started experiencing excruciating back pain. When a battery of tests failed to diagnose it, a family friend recommended Reiki healing for stress relief.

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So, how does Reiki stress relief help in such a situation? Reiki is an energy healing technique which helps relieve any negative energies or blocks from our bodies and restores the body balance through energy centers or chakras. Reiki for stress, using natural processes, restores balance in flow of energy through our bodies by removing all blocks and residue thereby facilitating our bodies and minds to relax and heal. Stress makes our bodies go rigid and stiff but after undergoing a session of Reiki our cells, muscles, tissues, nerve endings all relax completely and get recharged. Some have also described it as stress being removed like steam from their bodies and could feel their entire body relax and energy flows through their bodies like a river. In other words, stress is the unwanted baggage that is stored in our body making it stiff. Practicing Reiki tosses out the baggage and our body is lighter. This is the reason clients start seeing results with just one session of Reiki for stress and anxiety.

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After a few months of regular Reiki sessions for stress, Seema is a whole new person. She is more relaxed and stress free. The insecurities and low self esteem are a thing of the past. According to Seema, being stress free has also helped her banish negative thoughts from her head. She credits her new happy self to Reiki for stress.

Stress disconnects us from our true self and self love. Reiki stress relief releases the debris from our chakras and helps us find our true self and thereby realize the destructive pattern we are holding on to. It helps us release the destruction and teaches us self love. Reiki and stress are the opposite of one another; when we practice Reiki, stress disappears. They cannot co-exist together. So, choose Reiki and enjoy a stress free and relaxed life.

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