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Precautions while receiving Reiki healing

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Aug 26

Reiki is very simple yet it facilitates very powerful divine healing. Even though there are no side-effects, it is necessary for recipients to observe certain level of discipline while receiving reiki energy. Some of the precautions to be followed while receiving reiki,

❏ Recipient should honor the instructions given out by the Reiki channel.

❏ Recipient should always trust and acknowledge the flow of Reiki with utmost love and gratitude since it will always manifest the divine intention

❏ If the recipient is emotionally and or physically distressed, Reiki channel can engage in counselling / coaching session with the recipient to provide instant belief on Reiki

❏ Recipient can additionally be engaged in self discipline and practice on affirmation , meditation and creative visualization to further accelerate the healing

❏ Reiki also complements other healing methodologies like Allopathy, Ayurveda etc. Hence, check with the Reiki channel on how better the integrated healing can be set

❏ Since, Reiki will scrub the soul of emotional debris, the recipient may witness emotional swirl or turbulence. It is requested that the recipient understand that these are the old emotions that are coming to surface and are getting released and hence the recipient should be patient and offer utmost trust to the Reiki. However, the recipient at any point is free to backout and stop the flow of Reiki

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In short, Reiki is a holistic approach of healing that transcends the dimensions of time and space. During the course of Reiki session, energy is channeled into the recipient and it is completely the interaction between the recipient and the energy resulting into healing experience. The Reiki channel never transfers his own energy into recipient’s system. There are stories from the personal experiences of many individuals where Reiki has done wonders and improved the quality of lives of numerous. it is an ancient methodology of healing and is devoid of any adverse effects. Thus, it can any day be used as a complementary therapy.

Recipients should note that, reiki will facilitate healing only if they allow it to and hence should always trust and acknowledge the flow of reiki. In some cases, immediate results may not show up and hence recipient needs to practice some degree of patience, trust and persistence with utmost love and gratitude.

They say that what you hold in your mind, the universe delivers it. So if your mind is loaded with negativity, universe will manifest more of negativity. But, now if you start to reprogram load your mind with positivity, universe will mould your current situation into positive one. Hence, one should never focus on the disease or healing. Healing is a process that will walk you to the balanced state. Always keep affirming and visualizing things you would be empowered to do once you are in the balanced state.

Any disease is one’s spiritual calling for self exploration. Many pioneers in alternative therapy like Louise Hay, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton and so on at some point of time have undergone physical pain and they worked on themselves to prove the results of alternative therapy.

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