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Infertility issues: Let Yoga help you Conceive

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Aug 25

Struggling with infertility, Sunitha met a yoga therapist at an infertility hospital, where she was suggested to practise yoga to make improvements to her existing issues related with fertility. This was the first time she got introduced to Yoga as a healing methodology for a severe health issue.

When she went for consultation, the therapist first understood her case details, the various health issues she was facing and her lifestyle. Based on the discussion, she customized a sequences of yoga asanas including breathing techniques especially for Sunitha keeping in mind her health issues.

As per Sunitha, “She gave me an introduction to this method of healing and helped me understand how it is connected to our inner wellbeing. The warm up yoga followed by dynamics slowly not only made me flexible and active but I felt a sense of wellbeing and being positive. I lost 5 kgs a in span of one month of doing yoga after which the issue of PCOD was also resolved.

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With the introduction of surya namaskara, these positive affects only multiplied, my mind was in a state of bliss and my body agile. I felt like I had the energy to take on anything. I practiced 108 surya-namaskaras everyday for a month. Before practising yoga, a couple of IVF sessions had failed. This time I was more positive. During practising yoga I underwent one more IVF and the subsequent cycle i conceived naturally, it was miracle made possible with help of Asha. She always instilled the confidence in yoga system and motivated many in the class to continue to do the practise at home and would encourage others by mentioning of the success stories of those who conceived naturally after practising yoga. I would be lost on the path of infertility treatment if it was not for her. She is a wonderful human being, with high integrity, always wanting to help those who approach her, not money minded like the many we see around. I would highly recommend her for your health issues without a blink of hesitation. Thank you Asha for helping me and being there for me.’

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