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Healing Procrastination

5:30 pm
10:00 pm
25 June, 2022
3 July, 2022
16500 INR
230 USD
Healer Kavita Freedom
About Healing Procrastination Event

Have you ever found yourself in that unhelpful, yet familiar state called "procrastination?" It's estimated that as many as 20% of people struggle with chronic procrastination.

One of the biggest hindrance in the way of our success or for that matter doing anything is procrastination. It is found that procrastination takes a toll on your health, as you postpone healthier eating choices, not make time to exercise and add stress with many unneeded last-minute deadlines. As you mismanage your time, it can also have an adverse effect on our relationships, as you may not be able to fulfill commitments due to “running out of time.”

A permanent solution is not in any productivity app, alarm gimmick or simply forcing yoruelf to do it. The answer lies in taking back control over our mind and emotions.

Are you procrastinating?
- You are always putting things for later on or for tomorrow.
- You are constantly coming up with reasons or excuses to not do what is important or required.
- Some other thing that is more important comes up and what you need to do gets delayed.
- You know you are not lazy yet something stops you from taking action.

If any of these resonates with you then you have a procrastination problem.

Understand and Heal Procrastination so that you can be the best version of yourself.

What are we covering in the workshop:
- Reasons behind procrastination.
- Understand and Heal your procrastination
- Individual action plan to overcome procrastination
- Small steps to start taking action
- Advantages and disadvantages of procrastination

1 month support on whatsapp post the sessions and a follow up session after 1 month

When: 25/26th June and 2/3rd July
(All days are Saturday and Sunday)

Time : 5.30 pm to 10:pm
Workshop is facilitated by Kavita

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Healing Procrastination Workshop: Take back control over your  mind and emotions.
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