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Guide to Clairvoyance - Batch 2

8:00 pm
11:00 pm
16 October, 2021
18 October, 2021
20000 INR
300 USD
Healer Neelu
About Guide to Clairvoyance - Batch 2 Event

All of us have psychic abilities, just that we have not developed our ability to tap into it. This ability is a very useful tool in everyday life, especially when you are working in the space of wellness.

Tapping into your PSYCHIC Ability, helps you

  • Scan your client energies
  • Explore and tap into your dominant Clair
  • Live a life from inspired action
  • Be detached from your own perspective
  • Understand your clients better
  • Understand why there is a disconnect between you and the client
  • Understand your exepriences with different diensions and how to deal with it

3 days of intense and deep learnings which are not available in any books or social media. As part of this workshop, we will be have a 2 hour Q & A post a week. Limited seats as the workshop is limited to 10 participants, so hurry and register now.

If these dates dont work for you, we have another batch from 01 Oct to 03 Oct. You can register for that batch here

Some of the concepts that will be covered (not limited to)

✅ Introduction to Claires

✅ IDENTIFY your strong Claire

✅ Learn to develop your Claire

✅ Challenges of being a Claire

✅ Learn Intuitive Scanning

✅ Identifying and understanding experiences of different dimensions

✅ How to connect with your spirit guides

✅ Barriers between a healer and a client

✅ Identifying and understanding experiences of different dimensions

🌈Includes Individual and Group psychic exercises ✔️

This course will be especially useful to those who have started their healing profession but find themselves unable to intuitively scan the clients or those who have realised that they have psychic abilities but are unsure of what to do with them or use them constructively.

Get all your questions answered in this amazing workshop, which will open doors to many of your untapped abilities.

This workshop will be facilitated by Neelu who herself is a clairvoyant and has immense experiences of other dimensions

If you want to understand more about this workshop, or have questions, get them answered on 18 Sept , at this FREE TALK by Neelu. Register Here

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